Wishbone Flip or Wishbone Mini Flip?

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A great question that I answer frequently for customers in store is whether to choose the awesome original Wishbone Flip or more recently release Wishbone Mini Flip for their little one. I thought I might share some of our ‘in real life’ photos and details buy nolvadex bodybuilding of both Flips that might help others making that same decision. That’s the wishbone Mini Flip on the left and the original Wishbone Flip on the right (in white).

Wishbone Flip vs Wishbone Mini Flip

Let’s compare the Wishbone Flip and the Wishbone Mini Flip

These two ride-on toys have a lot in common, so let’s start with that. Both are designed by the dedicated and down-to-earth team at Wishbone Design Studio, who are a New Zealand family business that have created a range of environmentally friendly balance bikes, 3 in 1 trikes and other ride-on toys for eco kids.

Both toys are crafted from sustainable reforested birch plywood. Both the Wishbone Flip and Wishbone Mini Flip use their unique flipping system to quickly and easily shift between functionality as a ride-on wheelie toy or walker, and a rocking ride-on toy. You can rock, push or ride either the Wishbone Flip or Mini Flip; so what is the difference, then?

The differences

The Wishbone Mini Flip is slightly smaller than the original flip, and it’s wheels are in a fixed position. They are like the wheels of in-line skates instead of the wheels being fully rotational like on a shopping trolley. This means that the Wishbone Mini Flip makes for a better walker, as it can only be pushed backwards or forward and not side to side or around and around. The more simple movement is easier for little ones and they can still have a lot of fun scooting about on it back and forth too.

As a ride on the Mini Flip is easier for the child to mount, as it’s shorter size and the smaller width of the seat is easier for their little legs to lift over in order to sit down and have both feet touching the ground at a younger starting age. These features make the Wishbone Mini Flip a better option for a younger or more petite child. The Mini Flip also has a little ball of padding at the ends of the handlebars to reduce damage to property or your children if your little one runs into something with them by accident.

Wishbone Flip side by side with Wishbone Mini Flip to compare their size and seat height

In comparison the slightly larger size of the Wishbone Flip means that it lasts longer, so if your little one has been confidently walking for some time, or is a larger size toddler, you may get more life out of the original Wishbone Flip. There are no handlebar paddings as the larger child is expected to have better control over their direction.  The fully rotational wheels are super, they’re lightweight and make for a multi directional movement – you can even spin which is great fun.

I suppose like many decisions in parenting, this one comes down to your individual child and family and what you want to get out of the product. Young child just getting walking? Maybe consider the Mini Flip as it will be easier to use for smaller, younger ones. Our youngest starting walking at 10 months and was using the Mini Flip from that time. He just loved both of them and would ride back and forth across our lounge room time and time again with a massive smile on his face. He has just graduated to the original Flip at 19 months of age – although our 5 year old daughter also adores and rides the original too! He’s a bigger child and it still wasn’t easy for him to master mounting the original Flip with it’s larger size, but he has done so and now can ride either version with ease.

Wishbone Flip or Mini Flip Birds Eye View

Wishbone Flip vs Mini Flip quick reference comparison table:

  Wishbone Flip Wishbone Mini Flip
Colours Red or White Red
Seat Width  15.5cms  13cms
Seat Height as Ride-on  25cms  20cms
Functionality Options Rocker, Walker or Wheelie Ride-on Rocker, Walker or Wheelie Ride-on
 Wheels  Full rotation  Fixed inline wheels
Dimensions 64 x 40 x 28cms 42 x 38 x 23cms
Recommended Age 1-5 1-3
Handlebar Padding N Y
Weight limit 30kgs ?
Price (RRP) $149.95 $119.95

Hope this is a helpful and clear post outlining those differences. At the end of the day both are outstanding, high quality products with brilliant design and I’m sure will be happy additions to your family home and play spaces.


Pippa Buxton Director at Little Earth Nest Eco Store




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