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Ok. Here we are its 2010 and a long long time since my last post. Things at Buxton Baby are taking off (hoot hoot) with a load of new products hitting the store, my own creations edging closer and closer to launch and my head is in a real spin. I have been thinking that perhaps getting back to this blog will be a welcome and calming outlet for my busy mind to unwind.

When I walked through the aisles of the supermarket on my own yesterday for the first time in recent memory since my precious son was born, it seemed like a very quiet place. It dawned on me that there were a load of new products on the shelves since the last time I could realllly wander around the aisles and take a good look. Maybe other people feel this way, I thought, unaware of something handy or yummy + natural and new. I know not everyone cares to walk around aisles looking for the latest thing on the shelf, and many don’t care for the supermarket at all.

Since I want my blog not only to be about my store but about useful things that might offer inspiration to others, I decided that this week I would be your personal field shopper 😉 and share a few of the products that have hit the local supermarket shelves over the past year that we are loving: of course with a focus on organic, natural and/or sustainable produce. Stay tuned!

I also decided that every now and then I will choose a favourite shade of thread and share it with my sewist readers that might find it handy especially when ordering online. I don’t pick my thread shades by project as there is just too many on the cutting table to run back and forth to the store adding thread. Over time I have moved toward buying a selection of handy favourite threads that have seemed to match with a huge variety of projects. Of course we are making the change to organic thread now with a limited colour range, I will still use coloured thread for decorative and top stitching when required until a more sustainable coloured option is available.

Then from time to time I will share exciting snippets of up and coming creations from the cutting table, from special edition auctions for charity to new product and style launches. Our own organic fabric line, a new Australian made + owned organic bath and body range and the possibility of some in-real-life stockists of our creations are all possibilities to look forward to for us in 2010.

Welcome back to BUXTONbaby in 2010, thanks ever so much for following with us on our journey in business and in life.

Blessings to you and yours.

Pip B.

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