What’s in a name?

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My frustration continues at products splashing the words ‘enviro’ ‘eco’ ‘earth’ and ‘organic’ about with complete misrepresentation of what they are selling. Perhaps consumers need to step up and make these companies accountable through their wallets. I’m putting my buying power where eco is just a little more genuine.

I am certainly not suggesting that we are perfect, or that every product in our eco parenting store or home is completely without fault or flaw in terms of its eco credentials. However I do think it is wrong to market a synthetic product as eco simply because you can use it more than once. Or suggesting that plastic is somehow eco after adding the words ‘BPA Free’.

Something that I take for granted these days is also that people are aware of the implications of carbon mileage on the ‘eco’ status of a good. In short this one aspect to be considered when buying with consideration for the environment – the environmental impact of the distance a product must travel to reach us.

This consideration certainly applies to lots of stock that we carry, because not all items are available in Australia, or yet to the same quality standards. For that reason we do stock product from all over the world. Should you see a foreign product in our store that you know is available in Australia, or Australian owned or designed and of the same quality and performance we genuinely hope that you will contact us and let us know.

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