postive change at the checkout (a series)

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As promised in my last post I wanted to start sharing with you some items that have hit our local supermarket shelves. Our family endeavors to support local and small business where possible, yet we are also happy to see organic and more environmentally friendly, natural, hormone or chemical free options being made available to the public broad-spectrum.

Macro Red/Royale/Black Quinoa

The quinoa (pronounced keen-wa) cooks like brown rice and can be cooked in a rice cooker. Simply add 1 cup of water for every cup of grain (1:1 ratio). It comes in 3 different colours (red, black, cream) and has a very neutral flavour and an interesting, lightly crunchy texture – definitely not sticky or heavy like rice. This is a superfood, it is a complete protein and is also low GI [~53) and double the protein of rice. It is being considered by NASA as a new crop for the Controlled Ecological Life Support System (CELSS)

a royale quinoa: cooked sitting beside uncooked

royale quinoa: cooked close-up – the curly tails are a sign that they are ready

We are using it for soup, stew, stir-fry, cereal and salads. Link to a great Red Quinoa stirfry recipe here and a quick + easy Quinoa breakfast idea here as well as our awesome Quinoa salad recipe. Please share your own inspirations for cooking and eating this awesome grain available now in your standard supermarket.

I’m trying to keep to topic but we’ll at least give a general shout-out to a few honourable mentions:

Woollies for stocking the Ecostore brand as well as its recent addition to the meat department of a free range roasted chook. Not organic but better than what was previously on offer as a pre-cooked chook!br

Town & Quality Country Meats Waurn Ponds are stocking King Island Beef Roasts at around $13/kilo; they will also cube the meat and trim the fat for you, giving you both back afterward. Service is with a smile, and they also stock Otway Pork including Otway Pork bacon. With organic beef at the $36/kilo mark it is not accessible for some, the King Island beef is a most reasonably priced alternative that is free from the commonly used hormone growth promotants that are used in most other Australia beef; these are the hormones that are banned in Europe and prevent Australian beef from being exported there. King Island beef is also free from antibiotics and the cattle graze on natural pastures that are GM free.

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