Vivobarefoot Stealth: Women’s Barefoot Shoe Review

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It’s no secret that I’m a huge fan of the Vivobarefoot shoe. Vivobarefoot are a dedicated, innovative team that launched in 2004, producing a minimalist shoe and product that we trust. They’re also right on top of corporate responsibility in environmental considerations and are proactive in their education and continued product development. It also speaks volumes that this is the shoe we choose for our children. If you haven’t read our review of the Vivobarefoot Barefoot School Shoes yet you can check that our here.

This time it is my turn and if you have seen my big round pregnant self around town you will know that I have been wearing the Vivobarefoot Stealth for women obsessively over the past 2-3 weeks. I can barely see my feet and it felt important to have that level of comfort and security in my step. The Vivobarefoot Stealth certainly ticks those boxes so it was a relief to me when the team sent these over.


I threw these shoes on so quickly that I forgot to take pics before the soles had seen some foot traffic – but I simply must show you the sole as these flexible, yet quality and puncture resistant 3mm soles are a keystone of the amazing true ground-feel that these shoes offer. (I suppose showing you a dirty sole confirms that these shoes are being worn and loved!) The benefit of the slim sole is enhanced proprioception: which in simple terms means that my brain receives real messages about where I am stepping so that it can respond quickly and appropriately to prevents slips and trips. Falling over could be disastrous in pregnancy or any day of the week. Who has time for a rolled ankle?


This protection and performance is typical from Vivobarefoot across their full range which includes running shoes as well as lifestyle shoes for men, women and children. They are committed to enhancing the opportunity for sensory feedback from your feet for your safety and overall good health. Vivobarefoot tell us that “70% of your brain’s information for movement comes from the nerves on the soles of your feet. The more you can feel the ground, the greater your body’s understanding of its surroundings and natural movement.”

Our pics also show the flexibility of the shoe and how it really acts like a second skin. The shoe has great airflow with the mesh cover which means although they are not waterproof they allow the foot to breathe. It’s winter and I wondered if I would feel the cold through these breathing holes. I’m still wearing socks of course and I don’t find that I feel any noticeable airflow or temperature change.

Flexible-Vivobarefoot-Shoe I really like the colour options offered with the Vivobarefoot Stealth. They are superbly comfortable and easy to wear, I just find that I don’t want to reach for any other shoe right now.

Want to try running or living with a barefoot style shoe from Vivobarefoot? Please keep in touch with them via their Facebook page or visit their website to see the full range. I always find that their FB page has very interesting stuff being posted, something refreshing to have in your feed.

Happy days 🙂

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store




*We have included mentions of our sponsors in this post which we are very transparent about, it is the right balance of energy to acknowledge and be acknowledged for our support of something awesome. Most of our sponsors we have proactively approached after loving what they do. Opinions are always our own xx You can read our full official statement on this type of thing on our policies page.

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