Top 12 Eco Stocking Stuffers: Green Christmas Guide 2011

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Eco Stocking Stuffer Gift Guide 2011

    1. Butterfly Castanets  $5.95
    2. Croc Castanets  $5.95
    3. Hippo Castanets  $6.95
    4. Pull Back Racer  $5.95
    5. Windup Train $9.95
    6. Little Eco Wooden Cars $12.95
    7. Little Wooden Helicopters $12.95
    8. I’m Toy Musical Toys $11.95
    9. Mini Trumpets Wooden $2.95
    10. Wooden Train Whistle $3.95
    11. Spinning Tops $2.50
    12. Felt Pocket Gnomes $12.95

Eco stocking stuffers are abundant here at Buxton Baby HQ for Christmas in 2011! In our best attempts to help inspire your Christmas shopping we hope you enjoyed this list of buy aura soma london little eco toys and goodies. This will be the first of a few great posts that we are putting out this festive season along with a surprise that makes online shopping much easier on the eye [and tired Mumma brain!]. There will also be an awesome newsletter coming up so do add yourself to our subscriber list to keep in the loop.

Despite our deep eco roots and shameless enjoyment for shopping we have been challenged over the years to find small green gifts just perfect for stuffing stockings. Food-based or handmade gifts always seemed to be a delightful addition and we hope to share some little recipe ideas in the coming weeks over at our Facebook page.  The handcrafted goodness does add character and meaning that money can’t buy. We also use a little gift system for our advent calendar that can sometimes get difficult to fill and last year we were struggling.

Thus for the past year we have been searching Australia and all over the world for the perfect little bits and pieces that answer to our eco calling as well as the standards we set for quality, function and FUN. We feel certain that this selection will put a smile on the faces of both your girls and boys and hope it has given a few good ideas. We are sending each order out with the vision of someone enjoying the package in the coming weeks – makes for positive vibes all around. Blessing for a safe and happy season.

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