Top 10 Tips for the Zoku Quick Pop Maker

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1. Ready, set, go!

Get ready. That might seem silly, but it really helps to be organised. Put your stick in the pop maker before you start and have your fillings lined up. Make sure you have everything you need laid out before you start filling.

2. Plan your Zoku-fication

Get an idea of what you are making from the Zoku blog, the Zoku recipe book or through a variety of other Mummas making Zoku pops online such as here and here. You will also find a pile of recipes via Pinterest (why not follow us there!) such as on the Little Eco Nest Zoku recipes and tips board, this board and this one too. You can find so many more recipes by searching ‘Zoku’ on Pinterest and then selecting the results in ‘boards’. If you are not yet on Pinterest please just let us know if you need an invite.

Anyhoo; take the stress out of things by making sure to include those ingredients on your shopping list. Remember that a few new spices or items will last for a LOT of pops and are a worthwhile investment in flavour and fun.

3. Store and pour

Once you have your recipe set, you can always pre-prepare your ingredients. We use covered glass storage bowls for this purpose and pop them can you buy paxil over the counter in the fridge until needed. We prefer to make from scratch and so have found that making up our ingredients ready for pouring of an evening one night, or during the day if you want to involve the children; mean that the next day or during the evening/after dinner, we are able to be very tidy with our Zoku creation and really get into the creativity and artistry of it rather than thinking about the preparation aspect. Do remember that this prep is really worthwhile and funny enough you do get ‘something’ extra out of preparing an icypole that both tastes AND looks good.

4. Follow the recipe

The Zoku team have put serious testing and effort in to refining their great recipes; even including a variety measurements in millilitres to be seriously sure your pop will work out, pop out and spin you right out with flavour and fun. Try to follow the recipe 🙂

5. Less is more

Take that fill line seriously because it can make all the difference; I prefer to fill to 1mm under the fill line. It was sure a laugh during our first use of the machine (you can read about it when I have written our first timer Zoku post) when we hovered over the machine, waiting with great suspense to remove our first pop – to find that it didn’t ‘pop’ because it was overfull. It actually took some strength in that instance to remove the first pops. We learnt our lesson and since have not had any issues, if you are a pop making novice you can learn from our mistakes here. If you are having any difficulty with removal, perhaps consider this tip and remember that less fill = more easy Zoku fun times.

6. Pack your muscles away

With thanks to the Zoku super tool there is no need for strength and agility in this activity; it’s all beguilement and no brawn. What I am saying is, when you are following the fill line tip [above] and using proven recipes, there should be no strength involved in removing your pops from the Zoku Quick Pop Maker. So if you feel you have to pull with force, try turning your Super tool a few more rotations and try again.

7. Get snap happy

Don’t forget to have a camera or your trusty smart phone at the ready so that you can quickly get photography out of the way before consuming your delectable wares – trust me, you won’t want to wait to eat BUT you will want to have photographic evidence of your Zoku Pop-making skills ;P.

8. Some for now, some for later

Yes I was very glad that we had done this when I did not get breakfast this morning and snuck into the freezer for my Oat Milk Chai Zoku pop. You will find that the Zoku Storage Case is extremely handy not only for storing but also just as a ‘placeholder’ for your pops as they come out of the maker. Want to make in advance for a party? For this you might find that the extra Zoku sticks can come in handy to get your quantity. They are the perfect complement to the Zoku storage case; and at less than the cost of buying icypoles for a party with full control over ingredient and of course a more boutique and unique concept.

9. Careful Pop Placement

Warning! Don’t put your pops down, because who knows which little or big eyes are on you, with nimble hands to snatch away your pop-tacular creation. Haha!

10. Finally; tell your friends x ;P

Our cheeky little last tip is to buy your Zoku Quick Pop Maker and any of the Zoku accessories that you need for it from Little Eco Nest Eco Store Australia; giving you a dedicated customer service team to back you up with ideas, motivation and inspiration and represent you for after sales product support if you ever needed it. Please think about sharing this blog post to support our family owned and operated company. Have a heap of fun with your Zoku today and heading into Summer.

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