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After long last I get a moment to visit . It’s that feeling when you have been so run off your feet and finally you and your bestie get to put your feet up, sip a cup of tea and say tell me what’s been going on! So grab a cuppa and take 5. Sure you deserve it.

Well for me it feels like the most manic year on record though I can be so vague since motherhood that I might just not remember anything else ;P. Despite the mania however I can tell you that I’m having fun. The support for Little Eco Nest (formerly Buxton Baby) this year has blown us away; we shouldn’t be surprised because buying stylish family products that consider the environment is a sensible and worthy concept if we do say so ourselves 😛

What’s New? Far out, that is a long list. Will start with – we  have moved house and therefore premises. It felt fabulous, a cleansing experience and we are so happy now in our new space. As far as product you will have noticed some fantastic new names hitting our shelves in 2012. There are usually waiting lists for companies to come on board with us and we are almost through our wish list of items to add. New names include Wishbone, Mocka, Ecologic, Zoku, Replay; we also added our awesome small production stainless steel smoothie straws, a bunch of new products from the Green Toys brand range including their gorgeous children’s tea set for outside play.

What’s Not New? For our online customers we are still using eParcel and preferencing express post wherever possible. We are still growing, dedicated, trying to do our best for our customers, our family and our environment. After almost 6 years of growing  Little Eco Nest (formerly Buxton Baby) we still have enthusiasm for what we are doing which feels fulfilling and enriching.

What are we working on now? Well some of that will remain a surprise, but we can certainly confirm that we are in the process of finding just the right person to become a new staff member and join our dedicated team. We can also confirm that we are improving our logistics and freight management processes to work towards tighter delivery timeframes and we are increasing stock levels to ensure that we can keep up with demand without delays particularly heading into Christmas. Speaking of Christmas – that’s all very exciting [I love Chrissy] and in retail business the planning is already well underway. Let’s just say that BB are getting right ready to have everything you need on hand to help the festive season be an easy, enjoyable experience. Hopefully our vast, well organised resources over at our Pinterest boards mean that we can not only inspire you in a consumerist/product focused way but also by providing DIY, Christmas craft and many other ideas for your motivation and enjoyment this Juletime.

We also have some energising happenings just around the corner that will enable us to feel more connected with you and for you to be more familiar with our products, so that you can pick and choose what is right for you and yours from our vast range. We have some awesome new products in the wings to share with you; what you have asked for – more lifestyle based products, some special things for big people and some specifics to improve on our already great range for the little ones too.

Thank you as always for following along with support and encouragement as Little Eco Nest (formerly Buxton Baby) grows. Blessings to you and yours x

Pippa: Director at Buxton Baby

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