The Comfort Shop Review: Our Divine New Bed

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The Comfort Shop ReviewOur old mattress had been with us around 6 years, but we had made quite the problem. I was committed to full time cloth but our DS (now 5) had a bad reaction to any waterproofing I could get my hands on; including even organic wool and PUL. So the answer was just to put towels beneath him as he slept between us. Sometimes there were leaks 🙁 This sounds so icky to write for public reading! But you know I’m all about being real. The result was a 6 year old mattress with more it’s fair share of wear and tear including the addition of DD2 to our sleepytime mix and we had no choice but to make a change well before expected. Keep reading to find out the eco-friendly mattress removal tip we used to dispose of this mattress.

We began researching our next bed and we knew it was an important and worthwhile investment and something we wanted to get right. Our Sleep Series has talked so much about the important of sleep and how sleep affects a household.

A latex mattress from The Comfort Shop is our choice

We felt that a latex mattress was still high on our priority list. A latex mattress is a good hypoallergenic choice for those people who experience hayfever and asthma. I have had both in a big way in childhood and hayfever still plays in my life. Latex feels like the best hypoallergenic mattress choice and resists dusts mites. Latex is becoming so commercial though and a lot of it comes through Asian countries where it is sprayed so finding an Italian made option was something unique.The Comfort Shop Review Latex Mattress

A The Comfort Shop latex mattress also supports the natural alignment of the spine while allowing for contouring of your hips and shoulders and without pressure. Another reason that this mattress could be a great choice for you is that is minimizes partner disturbance. This is great for us with co-sleeping!

The Comfort Shop Review Sports-Latex-Mattress

Pin core ventilation holes in the latex mattress keep a great temperature balance and comfort level. This is the actual showroom mattress, a photo I took after zipping back the cover to show the mattress core directly beneath it.

Something that became popular in the past years was having the ‘toppers’ – or a mass of extra layers topping your core mattress; however unfortunately we experienced first hand how that concept can fail. High quality latex mattresses like those from The Comfort Shop have ventilation holes strategically placed and you can and should flip the mattress regularly. Our experience was that cheaper ‘toppers’ and ‘layers’ decreased the support for our spine and reduced the life of the mattress, where the good quality latex from The Comfort Shop thankfully gives a perfect cush+support balance that makes for a cosy lie down.

If you are going to make a mattress investment, we suggest that you steer clear of paying any sort of money at all, let alone a premium, for all manner of extra ‘layers’ on the mattress. Increasing number of ‘layers’ in your mattress does not increase the quality of your mattress. Layers ≠ Quality. Especially the more poor quality of these layers may wear out decades before the mattress and create sinkage, prevent proper adequate ventilation and generally decrease the life of your sleep investment. Talk to The Comfort Shop team and look over their mattress range. I just know that you will ‘get it’.

Why we love The Comfort Shop and their Latex Mattresses

We have so much love in our hearts for the team at The Comfort Shop who are essentially another Australian family business like us. Just like us, they take their quality product seriously – and they were ‘real’. We felt a little overwhelmed with the importance of the decision when we first visited The Comfort Shop but the service and support we received put us at ease and made our choices clear. At the Richmond store we spent some time deciding between the Bio Latex Mattress (firm) and the Sports Latex Mattress which is earmarked as the soft-medium choice. The Sports Latex Mattress is still quite firm and supportive compared with our sinking old ditch of a mattress and we concerned that space foam to the Bio or ‘firm’ mattress would be too great of a jump for us. Both had a great feel to lie on.

The Comfort Shop Review Testing-Latex-Mattress

We had not really considered adding a new base but after looking over the product and discussing the option we decided that the FSC certified wooden slat base with adjustment system was the perfect compliment to the latex mattress and would likely extend the life of our investment in sleep. We thought the quality was exceptional and that the ability to personalize each side of the bed base to be more firm or soft had massive benefit (there are rigidity adjusters to vary tension on the slats of the base – each side can be made firmer or softer). Of course on top of this the ventilation offered by this style of base was an added sweetener. Well, there are a raft of benefits to the bases. You can read more here or go ahead and watch The Comfort Shop video about the bed bases for more detail. You can also get these bed bases ‘dropped in’ to your own bedroom suite!

The Comfort Shop Review Base Showroom

Yours truly, checking out the functionality of the bed bases.

We decided for the Comfort Shop Review of the Ergo Bed Base with the Sports Latex Mattress and we are supremely happy with this choice from start to finish. One of the MAJOR benefits for us in choosing the new Bed Base is the opportunity order the new SUPER KING size which for a co-sleeping family is an absolutely awesome thing. It is around 30cms wider than a traditional king and that extra space has been a blessing. The Comfort Shop mattress has a 100% Pure Latex core – produced from the sap of rubber trees, latex is an all-natural product which contains no fillers. The mattress and base were delivered and assembled for us, there is just no doubt that our sleep duration and quality have both improved. We felt that we were having a cleaner sleep. There is extremely minimal sleep disturbance, excellent support, less back pain. I could rant and rave.

Sooo anyway remember our last mattress that I introduced in the beginning of this post? Stained and awful and particularly no chemical averse way to have it cleaned to good effect as with most mattreses. For families The Comfort Shop mattresses have a feature that we just LOVE. The cover of the mattress, of the latex ‘slab’ can be zipped away and washed!! No more fear of that slight spill that will never be remedied. This unique cover also provides addition ventilation for the mattress as well as a summer and winter side (winter side has additional wool in the cover).

The Comfort Shop Review  Latex Mattress VentilationThe cover has a ventilation band that encourages airflow and neutral temperature. That is an element of a latex mattress that is often raised; we have found the mattress very comfortable. Yes, it was slightly warmer than our old mattress, and I would say I was a hot sleeper. I would wake up sweating in my old mattress (latex with a space foam top) but on this The Comfort Shop latex mattress I feel it breathes, there is not that clammy sensation at all.

A last little tip. I had always slept on the contoured latex pillows which I have found dramatically reduced my experience of neck pain. We updated our pillows with the high quality versions that The Comfort Shop offer and this is something I would definitely recommend.

We waited a good few months of sleeping on the mattress to be confident in our feedback. Our verdict is that this an awesome bed. The tell-tale sign is that every few nights we snuggle into bed and after a few minutes silence, someone says in the dark “it’s a great bed, isn’t it?”

Want to know more? You can watch the video below that The Comfort Shop have made which gives insight into the product. You can also read below for some of the finer details that appeal to us about our The Comfort Shop mattress:

The Comfort Shop Confidence in TextilesOeko-Tex

The Comfort Shop provide Italian made mattresses, Stella Rubino products. These achieve the Oeko-Tex Standard 100 Class 1 certificate – the highest level of safety for humans and the environment. These tests for harmful substances show Stella Rubino products pose no risk to the sleeper or environment.

EThe Comfort Shop Euro Latexuro Latex

Stella Rubino products also comply with the Eurolatex Eco Standard and meet the environmental criteria for the award of the Ecolabel according to the European guidelines (2002/740/EC).


What to do with your old mattress

As a little last note, we found out that “the average mattress put into landfill takes up 0.75 cubic metres of space and contains 12.5 kgs of steel, 2kgs of wood and 1.5 kgs of foam” from The Mattress Recyclers here in Geelong. To send our old mattress to the tip was going to cost ~$21.50 and require that we lug the old king size lump over to our local waste depot or to the tip. For a measly $25 we had our mattress collected (with a day of notice) sound in the knowledge that it would be disassembled for recycling. We recommend you look for similar in your area before sending your mattress to landfill.

We sold our old bases on a local Facebook page and with our old bed linen used a combination of giving away our old linen and re-purposing it xx Lastly we had the job of dressing our new bed and new room which together with Linen House and some amazing Australian artists was an absolute ball. Stay tuned for the update on that exciting end to our Sleep Series adventure.

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store




*We have included mentions of our sponsors in this post which we are very transparent about, it is the right balance of energy to acknowledge and be acknowledged for our support of something awesome. Most of our sponsors we have proactively approached after loving what they do. Opinions are always our own xx You can read our full official statement on this type of thing on our policies page.

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