Take Action! Greening our core in business and in life..

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Going Green at Buxton Baby Eco Store

This post will remain a post-in-evolution: it is a list of ways that we are trying to push ourselves to be greener and do better for our environment, our children and our earth. I have really only started building the list – it might be missing things we are doing but I have not yet added, it might list things that we do but could do better. It may also grow to include things that we are yet to do! If you have ideas, please share them..

Turning off equipment when not in use

Encouraging communications by email, as well as using our on screen mail preview to work out whether we need to print something [rare!] we also will be sure only to print the page we need and not the whole document

Printing on 100% Recycled Paper with vegetable inks

Proudly packing with reused and/or recylced packaging – proactively requesting less, more environmentally friendly packaging from suppliers

Gas powered family and delivery vehicle

Composting and reducing waste

Make use of natural lighting; leaning over to pop a lamp on in the morning or closing up the blinds too early at night? Think again and use natural lighting to reduce your energy use and bring natural vitality into your life.

Be savvy about closing up or airing your house in cold or warm weather; you will be amazed what a difference it makes on a hot day to keep all your blinds down and to shut doors on rooms you are not using. We rarely use cooling thanks to these processes. Once a breeze arrives, open up the whole house!

Drink filtered water – as a part of a healthy lifestyle that encourages wellness as a prevention – but not water from plastic bottles [boo hiss!] 😛

Clean with natural products that are safe for our water environment and soil

Web hosting in Australia; web site and logo are designed by Australians – support local!




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