Take a closer look; green shakes revisited

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Felt compelled to revisit this topic due to popular demand. Therefore just a little update to let you know that the shakes are still buy nexium generic doing wonderful things for me. I have after all, even managed to add the Loving Earth Raw Cacao Powder once without a headache!

One aspect that I really enjoy is the variety buy klonopin canada of colours and textures when putting ingredients in the blender. Of course I wish I could also convey the pleasure to the sense of smell – it is an invigorating way to start the day. Except for the Super Greens, not a huge fan of that aroma; covered well by everything else. Aren’t they awesome to look at?

Organic Green Protein Shake Smoothie

{1.}     Loving Earth Raw Organic Acai Berry Powder
{2.}     Loving Earth Raw Organic Cacao Powder
{3.}     Vital Pea Protein
{4.}     Melrose Organic Golden Flaxmeal
{5.}     Synergy Organic Super Greens
{6.}     Loving Earth Maca Powder
{7.}     Loving Earth Raw Organic Mesquite Powder
{8.}     The Chia Co Chia Bran
{9.}     Boomers protein powder WPC
The other aspect that people have wanted me to take a closer look at is the cost of the shake. Thanks to our super team we have come up with the concept here that we start with a ‘base’ recipe that includes simply ice, water, a milk choice and then we add from there: a choice of the 3 protein powders, then additional nutrients. I have put all this in a table that you can copy to formulate your own costings – the weight per tablespoons are approximate. You should also note that my figures are calculated on buying the middle range quantity but by buying in bulk you can reduce these costs and similarly if you bought small quantities they would increase.
Ingredient Product Cost Quantity per shake Value per shake ($) Mix it up + choose your own cost: Here’s an example
Choose a Protein Powder:
Boomers protein powder WPC $49.00/1000g [Incl post] 3 Tablespoon 25g 1.12
Vital Pea Protein $32.75/500g 2 Tablespoon 20g 1.31 1.31
Loving Earth Raw Organic Mesquite $23.90/500g 1-2 Tablespoon 15-30g 0.71-1.42
Honey Oat Milk $4/L 2 cups (500ml) 2 2
Synergy Organic Super Greens $26.95/200g 1 Scoop [incl with jar] ? 3 gms 0.4 0.4
The Chia Co Chia Bran $12.95/200g 1 Tablespoon 10g 0.65 0.65
Loving Earth Maca Powder $23.90/500g 1 Tablespoon 15g 0.7 0.7
Melrose Organic Golden Flaxmeal $5.75/500g 1 Tablespoon 15g 0.2 0.2
Loving Earth Raw Organic Acai Berry Powder $19.90/100g 1 Tablespoon 5g 1
Loving Earth Raw Organic Cacao Powder $19.90/500g 1 Tablespoon 12g 0.47
TOTAL $5.26


Now you will need to work out how much you spend daily on your cereal and milk to find out how this balances out – but I am feeling that the $5.26 per day is not as ‘scary’ as I might have thought. Especially given the vitamin and mineral content and equivalents of RDI’s contained within the shake etc.

Hope this has been useful and would love to hear your comments or suggestions – or even to know what you do for your green shake or smoothie and how it has helped your household get up and going.


Pippa: Director at Buxton Baby

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