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Growing with your 2 year old {By Request}


This is a special ‘by request’ post from a Mama who felt she needed extra support. Why I am telling you that? Because you need to know that you are not alone. Parenting isn’t an easy gig – but rest easy, you will find a way through it. You are just the right person to […]

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A boy’s history of sleep. From the Mother.


A conversation with myself, for my friend. My son would not nap longer than 45mins in the day even as an infant and as a toddler would be frequently not napping in the day but still awake at 11pm at night. He sort of changed things up, he did go through phases of sleeping 2-3 […]

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It’s ok. People are wonderful.


The more I move in the wider community – you know: outside this comfortable bubble of familiar women and children that have blessed the first years of my growing family, the more I am struck by an recurring theme that I want to talk about today. The thing is that women don’t talk about motherhood […]

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Breastfeeding Then and Us

Breastfeeding with Tine

The joyful and relatively guiltless pleasure of opshopping and the adventure it entails is something that my and I kids enjoy together. Last week in the local opshop we found a little wooden Thomas still in his box, a fire engine big enough to push around the floor on all fours, a faux fur bright […]

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Attachment Parenting and Your Child


  Attachment parenting or ‘AP’ as it’s often referred to by more devout proponents, is a label that can arouse strong emotions and create  divisions among mothers. For some, it conjures up visions of latter day hippies with bare bottomed babies strapped to their bodies  around the clock and seems too ‘out there’ to contemplate. […]

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