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Supermarket-Stop-Blog-FrontAn off the cuff post to share my recent supermarket visit with you. I don’t visit the supermarket often and I know that like us, many of our community prefer to source a high percentage of local organic produce.

Nevertheless, there continue to be times when I need the supermarket and my feeling at the present time is that it is very important to make sustainable options available the majority at an accessible price. I understand that it is contentious, but the ability for us to have high quality food and consumables accessible rests somewhat on the demand for it in the mainstream marketplace as well as via small local outlets. To fuel the extent of change required to make a significant difference to climate change and national health, products that meet our eco ideals must be visible and EASY for the mainstream.

That in mind I was encouraged to share the items I had in my bag from the latest supermarket run. I was discouraged as usual by the continuing abhorrent use of plastic; and just in case you have missed it will remind that Coles offer a soft plastic recycling service; PLEASE SAVE YOUR SOFT PLASTIC AND DROP IT THERE rather than sending to landfill. Did you know that togther with Planet Ark, Aldi also offer a service to recycle batteries?

So you can see that I bought some Macro branded organic coconut water just to try the brand, I always buy OOB Organic Blueberries for our shakes, I bought some white chia seed as I hadn’t seen that in the supermarket before and use it in my Coconut Chia Pudding Dessert, the Earthwise Laundry powder [also out of curiosity, hmnz I’m not sold] some gluten free spaghetti and rice sticks. I will often pick up something new in the Macro organic range just to show the company that people will buy it and to help keep it on the shelf. I try to remember that every dollar I spend at the supermarket is speaking to mega powers about consumer demand for organic and chemical free food and has the potential to direct supply.

Finally I want to say a special mention to Diane who greets customers at our local Woolworths. Diane is a beautiful person. She lights up my shopping experience and is helpful and kind both to my children and my husband and remembers us however rarely we meet. I am sure she has the usual stuff going on that all of us manage day to day – yet she puts this aside to provide us assistance with a gentle smile and warm manner – we are very grateful.

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store


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