Super Simple Spice Rack Bookshelf for $2.99

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Bedroom-BookshelfAn off the cuff post. I’m learning about what is  ‘worth sharing’ with you and I have had a good few friends suggest that I share the bookshelf we have on the wall in our son’s room. See that shelf? It’s a not-even $3 spice rack. Hanging on the wall, takes 3-5 books and he can choose what he wants to read during the day and pop it there. Sometimes we have also kept track of library books using this; but the best thing about it is that it stores books forward facing – which is just what is needed for encouraging young children to read.

This is literally an iPhone shot I just snapped and emailed to myself to share today! The bed was not even made, hehe. My comfort level with sharing random stuff from around my home is definitely growing!

We love this simple shelf so much because it keeps the bedside table free for a cup of water or oat milk. It looks ace in this raw state but because it is not finished, it can easily be painted to suit your space AND you can stack in a formation for bigger areas. You could also find an old spice rack at your local op shop that would do a superb job of the same task and probably with a lot more character.

Assembly in a simple matter of lining up and attaching to the wall, there are instructions and the process is much like what we did for our hanging bookshelf tutorial. We have seen people use these on the side wall but we felt that made it a bit easy to knock in the night or have anxiety over books falling on you while you sleep! 😛 However there are also a LOAD of other ways to make these bookshelves facilitate a fantastic feature in your play space or bed room.

Gosh I just LOVE having so many books around and despite our massive collection there is never too many. We were at our local Brotherhood of St Laurence yesterday and they had 50% off all books! Haha the books are already like, 50c each 😛 Awesome. You often find old favourites this way too. When I see books and other children’s items there, it helps to remind me that this time with young, colourful picture book-reading babes is limited, and although DH5 is an awesome reader, right now they still want us to read aloud to them many times a day and enjoy children’s illustrated books ever so much. I suppose since I still enjoy that part of things myself, that maybe never fades. Now is the time though. It is now.

When I see the books ad the Brotherhood, I realise that one day I might have moved beyond a daily turn of page in my home. It was extra special to come home and read that afternoon. Many people are can you buy zovirax at coles surprised when I tell them that I don’t find it easy to slow down and enjoy the simplicity of reading a picture book in 2013. I’m all busy busy in my mind by nature, so that no matter how I appreciate the moment it takes a little self encouragement to embrace it. Nice how subtle reminders can motivate and energize parts of your day that have become ‘everyday’.

This is another one of those times where I find myself laughing at ‘what will X brand make from my promotion of this product while I scratch up funds for some new organic seeds’ LOL! But I know that I can improve your lives by sharing this tip and I do so with a smile and a wave! Thus head yourself to Ikea; or if you are lucky enough to be a WA resident, you can actually buy online. You want the Ikea Bekvam Spice Rack (Item #20176244) at a whole $2.99! Why not buy a few and have your mother’s group share the postage?

Hope that you or your family are inspired by this little super simple spice rack bedside wall bookshelf tip x Want to see more of these in action? Check them out here, painted red here and here!

Smiles, Pip.

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store




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