Samsung Galaxy S4 Review: Me, Samsung and Sustainability

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Our regular readers will know that I recently had a little accident with my phone. There was no need to question why my phone suddenly wouldn’t work – I had seen with my own eyes that my little girl (3) had discovered it and was taking ‘selfies’ when it was dropped in her cup of oat milk. Just so that I don’t need to question what I remember seeing in slow motion from a metre or so away – in its dying moments I managed to sync these last photos from the phone to provide a firm and long standing memory of it all šŸ˜›

Last Phone Photos

The last 4 photos on my old phone: Into the milk.

As a very busy WAHM Mum I do rely on technology and it wasn’t a pleasant experience being without a phone. I don’t really just need any phone I actually need a smart device. When the team at Samsung offered me their Galaxy S4 I was ecstatic as I knew many people that raved about their Samsung products and that this phone would definitely perform for me.

When the parcel arrived it also contained a Galaxy Tab 3 Kids with the notion that if my daughter was interested in devices [haha] she could be directed to a more appropriate model with the ability to limit and customise the experience to appropriate content. In exchange for the opportunity to use these super functional Samsung products I knew that I would talk to you about Samsung a little, even though I wasn’t expressly asked to do so. I’m extremely grateful to the generosity of Samsung and their team and I know now that Samsung is a brand that is committed to service of their community. It is always nice to know that you are buying or using a product backed by good people. People who respect and engage with their demographic and aren’t afraid to open that dialogue.

My Samsung Galaxy S4


I’m not a tech blogger and am not setting out to talk to you about every little tech feature of this phone. Of course if you do want that sort of very specific info, I can direct you to some of the comprehensive reviews available online such as this, this and this one.

I can without reservation say that I love this phone, and the awesome features and flexibility it offers. It has not been complicated to learn and it performs seamlessly. I am able to set up the phone to have maximum functionality for my lifestyle and minimum interference and intrusion in my day. Every little detail can be simply and easily customised, for example determining whose calls you will accept and when. The camera is pretty outstanding, and the ‘basic’ stuff like email/settings/apps/internet use/integration with my desktop – just work so smoothly. I love the size and feel of the phone and the user interface has been friendly++.

It starts up quickly, and it talks really well with my computer and gives me a sense that my data is safe and being backed up in the right places. I love the interactivity with Dropbox. That feature and the ease of setting it up is golden, it means that every photo I take is near instantly available on my computer. As mentioned I do also love love love that I can tailor who I receive calls from quickly and easily and another favourite thing is knowing I can carry a volume of data/significant file sizes with this phone. I feel as if it is a tiny portable computer for me in many ways, I suppose that it what a phone has become in 2014.

Whilst the size of the screen is a lot bigger with this modern phone, it still fits easily inside my handbags and clutches, is light and feels great in my hand. Using social media from the phone is a dream and I find sharing my photos both to social and by email/text really intuitive and straightforward. If you’re a blogger or just wanting to crop a bad hair day out of a pregnant belly shot ;P the image editing features are also simple to use.

So you can see that I am a fan of the phone, and I can say with confidence that it would not be easy to move away from a Samsung device now that I have experienced the Samsung Galaxy S4 and how well it works for me.

Samsung on Sustainability

I’m an eco family blogger and I think it makes complete sense for me to highlight the eco cred that Samsung offer while I am writing about them. I was so relieved to discover that Samsung take their corporate responsibility seriously and have a genuine sustainability commitment. I felt like their commitment was on display from the very first introduction to this phone, with their matt brown packaging and promotion of mobile phone recycling.

However their commitment runs deeper than what some of us might notice on the surface. Samsung have an extensive environmental approach. In fact I can only really briefly summarise how extensive here; when you take a look at the page upon page of initiatives and strategiesĀ you will see that this is no token effort. From paper, supply chain and energy management policy to recycling promotion and environmental health and safety management systems, Samsung have taken an active and appropriate action in terms of sustainability. Can you view their reporting via their site back to the year 2000! Their comprehensive approach certainly reflects long term committment and development. We look forward to seeing what environmental advances Samsung can take on in future.

How to recycle your old mobile phones

I’m not sure I need to outline why we need to do this: but in short phones and their batteries contain awful chemicals that are damaging on our environment and need to be appropriately handled. They also contain plenty of materials that can be reused. Don’t just throw you old mobile in the bin, where it can be end up polluting our earth in landfill and the opportunity to reuse it’s parts would be lost. You can learn more about the how and why of mobile phone recycling as well dispose of your old phones FOR FREE by picking up a reply paid mailing label, getting a reply paid satchel or finding your nearest phone drop off point by visiting the Mobile Muster website.

Technology has an obvious place in our family life and we work on finding ways to balance it out with our moral and ethical values and environmental concerns. Working with Samsung I feel more confident that these are being addressed in their brand from the broad undertakings extending beyond corporate responsibility down to the small (yet significant) touches like providing recycling satchels along with new Samsung phone packaging. In our opinion environmental efforts like these should be the standard. They are not though, and we hope that if you are ever in the position to compare a Samsung product to any other – you will give them extra points for being genuine about sustainability.

Warm smiles,

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store





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