Salt Dough Christmas Craft

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A quick and easy little Christmas craft idea today x

Salt Dough Christmas Ornaments


1 cup Salt

2 cups Plain Flour

Approx. 1cup warm water.

Method- Combine the salt and flour in a bowl. Gradually add water, and mix until it forms a dough. Form a ball with the dough, and knead for at least five minutes.
I cheated, and used my kitchenaid and dough hook, but still let it mix buy ritalin cheap for at least five minutes. The longer you mix, the smoother the dough is, and the less grainy your finished ornaments will be.

Roll out your dough and cut out your Christmas shapes, remembering to include a hole if you want to thread and hang them! I have included a picture of my shapes, if you have limited cookie cutters at your house, don’t buy Christmas ones- I used a baby bottle cutter as a Christmas tree, and an upside down gingerbread man makes a great reindeer head! The rim of a glass works perfectly to make a ball shape which can be decorated in any way.


Bake at 150 degrees C and let cool.

Kids can paint, or stick, or draw – whatever they desire.

Just don’t let them eat the ornaments! My youngest was certain they were cookies until he had a bite!

We have hung these at home this year, and also given them as gifts with our homemade Christmas cards.
Kids can help with the cooking and cutting, or these can be made ahead of time and just given to kids to decorate. They will absorb moisture in the air, so if you are keeping them for next year, store in an air tight container.

Have a safe and merry Christmas x


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