Q-Tip Play Paint: Art Activities for Preschoolers

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QTip Painting Eco Craft with Kids

Craft is a special time to connect in our family as regardless of age we all find it therapeutic. We are always on the look out for great art activities for preschoolers with our DS4 and DD2 and we know we will enjoy them too. This was a great little idea of play painting with Q-Tips. We made Glob Botanical Paints (these are the eco paints made using natural plant extracts and botanical pigments that are water-based, biodegradable and non-toxic) and broke out about 20 Q-Tips. The paints smelt completely amazing and a bit fun to make up as you use a powder and add a little water and stir to get it ready.

We were all right into it straight away, it was a little addictive, creating patterns and shapes. As the kids made painting after painting it crossed my mind that the art we were creating could have made for outstanding gift wrapping with a personal touch; or brilliant for Christmas wrapping with festive colourings.


Everything went fabulously and the children played together for more than an hour. Then things went a little downhill, however possibly I just let it go on too long because I was enjoying it so much myself ;P. Little Miss 2 decided that taking a sip of the paint was a good idea.. (not for consumption). Then they started painting the floor.. such is life with buy generic augmentin online small children. I said thank you to the heavens for guiding us to go with bulk standard flooring instead of anything fancy 🙂

I loved sharing this ‘reality’ pic because this is what happened while I was taking the first ‘pretty’ pic: all of the paint colours mixed into one and then painted in a black squidge on the floor. As a I type this I look over at my 2 sweethearts dunking lego figurines into a container of cream they have taken from the fridge without me noticing! Must fly…

Pippa: Director at Buxton Baby




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