Our unique Zoku Icy-pole creations

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Zoku-Creations-2We have had our Zoku Quick Pop Maker for some time now and people are always asking if it is as good as the hype. Ummm.. yep. DH even stole took 2 single units from the warehouse without asking, because he wanted to have the triple unit to himself while the children could use their own individual coloured Zoku units. Our DD has purple and our DS has blue.

The main thing to keep in mind is that there is no need to use a recipe book here although we share plenty of recipe resources here and there’s also our top 10 tips for Zoku post.

What we do most of all is just come up with ideas. We blend strawberries and oat milk, add honey if we feel like it, and there’s a pop – or coconut milk with mangoes! BANG. Delicious. This first photo is coconut milk and Loving Earth Raw Organic Cacao Powder, blended raspberries and water, plus a shell drizzled over it of cacao powder and coconut oil.


[These are our real photos and there is not always time for a clean kitchen so don’t look TOO closely ;P]

The next creation is a strawberry and oat milk buy cheap prozac blend, the faces are made using the Zoku Character Kit and are actually pieces of apple.

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