Our Big Announcement Australia: Giveaway Inside!

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For 6 years we have grown Buxton Baby – a comprehensive resource supporting Australian eco families run by myself; a midwife and mother of 2 young children. This has been the time of our lives; mostly because we conceived, birthed and grew with our babies who have had so much to teach and to give.  Also though, we experienced the nourishment of connection with people that have become more than  ‘customers’. We have been warmed to see a community of BB supporters grow.

We are now shifting into a new phase: with a facelift and some positive new directions. Our biggest news is that we are changing our name to Little Eco Nest. We were playing with a new name for some time when our 4 year old son connected strongly with this. His decision gave us permission to move forward with our dreams.

Little Eco Nest

We feel that our new name embraces the heart of what we are about. A resource for young families, with environmental awareness at it’s core, a place offering shelter for the young in a philosophical context.  Buxton Baby was a name we came up with on the fly, in 2006 when our idea was to manufacture cloth nappies. What has become, is actually so much more than a baby store and we needed to respect this and be true to our purpose.

The space we grow is a place of love, respect and kindness. From this position we know that we are ideally placed to continue providing support for the many Australian families seeking a more environmentally aware lifestyle. We know that as the original eco family resource we have a responsibility to offer more guidance. We see that an increasing number of Australians connect with the value of environmental awareness, in lifestyle choices as broad as food and diet among the many other ways that ‘eco’ makes a difference in family living.The Canvas Factory

We’re launching our new look in just a few weeks and we would be so grateful if you could share the word around using the social share buttons at the end of the post. We haven’t and don’t yet have a huge marketing budget and your word has always been important to us. We will have a few new products and some great new resources and we are working hard at giving you all more reason to stick around. Starting right now! The lovely folk at The Canvas Factory have put their support behind our announcement by providing us with an amazing offer to share: a free 20 x 30cm canvas print valued at $69.00 + a bonus 70% off additional prints until August 1st 2013! WOWSERS. Simply add yourself to the Little Eco Nest VIP list below to have the coupon emailed through to you:

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As Little Eco Nest our vision is to offer an even more comprehensive resting place for mothers and families to find support and nurturing in their natural parenting journey. Please pop over and like the new Little Eco Nest page on Facebook to be first in line for other offers and relaunch details. We will expand on our current load of eco tips and recipes such as the gluten, dairy, preservative and additive free inspirations on our blog, and we can’t wait to share more of our daily living including experiences with sustainability, permaculture, food, pregnancy and parenting. Our web store has been redeveloped to provide a state of the art e-commerce experience offering a mobile/device version and our blog has been redesigned to offer a fresh experience with more opportunities for sharing, partnership and giving back to our community. Again these will all be available in the coming weeks to improve your access to our resource.

We are so extremely grateful for your support and we look forward to sharing this next chapter with you. Thank you for coming on this ride with us and for coming together in support of the environment in your own unique way.

Warmly and with sincere gratitude,

Pippa: Director at Buxton Baby

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