Natural Toothpastes for Kids

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The process of cleaning kids teeth and the importance of dental health is important for young ones to understand as they grow. We are not confident about the use of more questionable chemicals such as triclosan or peroxide in toothpaste for use by our smallest and most vulnerable humans, so we feel great about offering a variety of natural toothpastes for kids that meet our strict standards for personal care products. Kids can have a toxin and chemical free start to their dental care regime from their early years.


Natural Toothpastes for kids

Whether you choose to use fluoridated or fluoride free kids toothpaste, most parent agree that children need to learn the processes of tooth brushing early on to form good dental habits that will remain across their life. Childhood is a great time to discuss the importance of dental care and that dental hygiene can be an indicator of whole body health. It can be said so simply; that bad bacteria in the mouth goes down into our tummies and into the rest of our bodies. If we want a healthy body, this can start with a healthy mouth.

Our very favourite natural kids toothpaste and the first one that we first used for our little ones is Weleda childrens tooth gel. We like the consistency of this fluoride free kids toothpaste and that we need not concern about the ingredients being harmful if swallowed. With silica, gentle calendula and sweet almond oil as the key ingredients this is an ideal first toothpaste for toddlers, offering a pleasant taste without the minty burn that can put off young ones from the dental care process. As a gel it doesn’t seem to smear across their faces and stain like other more paste like options. Weleda children’s gel rates 2 on the EWG Skin Deep Cosmetics Database.

Similarly the very popular Jack n Jill kids dental care range offers some great natural toothpastes with alternatives from traditional mint flavours; using certified organic natural flavours for their banana, strawberry, blackberry, raspberry and blueberry flavoured toothpaste. Jack-N-Jill-Blackcurrant-Natural-Toothpaste-for-KidsThey also have  a new flavour free option – which has been very well received. The Jack n Jill kids toothpaste also uses silica and vegetable glycerins among it’s short list of ingredients. Jack n Jill natural toothpastes for kids rate 1 on the EWG Database.

One of my own personal favourites and one that we used for a while here is the Little Innoscents Milky Whites Organic Toothpaste. This natural kids toothpaste has a subtle strawberry flavour and is made in Australia from organic and natural ingredients. I find that this is very well priced while avoiding SLS, parabens and synthetic chemicals and the taste is well received by the kids.

We also highly recommend the Red Seal Kids natural toothpaste which is free from SLS, fluoride, colours, parabens and harsh chemicals. It has a really unique peach and banana taste created from natural flavours that kids do seem to love, and it has a fantastic grainy texture that does a good job with cleaning teeth. It is currently not rated on the EWG Database but has a short and respectable ingredients list.

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**Click this image to view a close up of the brushes

As well as their very popular natural toothpastes for kids, Jack n Jill have created a range of complimentary dental care products to help engage little ones with a fun and healthy experience. They offer a range of biodegradable bamboo rinse cups featuring their signature characters of Hippo, Koala, Dinosaur and Bunny, as ell as a fabric travel bag with enough room for a small toothbrush and toothpaste when kids are on the move. The innovative team at Jack n
Jill also offer a series of silicone kids tooth brushes for babies and toddlers too. Their bio toothbrushes feature the 4 characters, and are small sized brushes made from non GMO corn starch.

When it comes to brushes for big kids, feedback on our Jack n Jill Buzzy Brush electric musical toothbrush has been great for kids aged 3 and over. This is a recycled plastic electric toothbrush with a 2 minute automatic shut off mode after singing a great tune that engages little ones in the brushing process. Warning: this tune can definitely get stuck in your head.. but hopefully in a way that reminds you of their childhood later down the track by bringing a smile. Plus there is a silent mode too, if the song really got under your skin. We only wish this product connected to AC power for buy cialis at boots recharging!

Finally we have introduced all of our children to the Dr Tungs Stainless Steel Tongue Cleaner to encourage them to see that dental health is a process and about whole mouth hygiene. We have talked to them a few times about how sugar intake affects dental health too and that this informs part of our decision making about clean eating as a family. The Dr Tungs tongue cleaner does come in 3 colours for our 3 children 😛

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