Meet Ruby Red Shoes: A Lovely Literary Giveaway

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Our little girl received a most divine gift of books last Christmas and they have become loved favourites in our family and for our children. This month I thought it a great opportunity to share these books with you – they would simply make such a divine gift for yourself, your little one or a friend.

Ruby is a very special bunny and her book a gift that would last beyond right now, into childhood memories and beyond. Books are such a magical gift and have their way of sticking around a family. This book has definite heirloom potential. Just soak up every sweet word and delicate illustration and see how quickly these books find their way to your heart.


Get To Know Ruby Red Shoes

The message of the book sits so well with everything our family wants to nurture in our children. Kindness, aware living, permaculture. Ruby keeps chooks, grows vegetables and is encouraged by her loving grandmother to respect and be gentle to the world.

The books have been crafted by Australian illustrator and author Kate Knapp and they are a sensory delight.  The imagery is completely beautiful, so soft and detailed.  The book is a hardcover that feels like something special in your hand. When you read about Kate and her dedication to the books and her work you can imagine the time spent creating just the perfect colour ink as she painted each scene. The second book for example took 8 months of illustration, working 7 days a week. It is extremely inspirational.

We cant believe it took us so long to get behind Kate and Ruby Red Shoes, but we are now very passionate Ruby readers and hope that you will join us xx The books are also perfectly priced for a gift at $19.95 each and sometimes can be found for even less on sale! Find your own copy of Ruby Red Shoes and Ruby Red Shoes Goes to Paris in your local bookstore or order online. Ruby even has her own website and FB page where you can connect with her adventures.


Ruby Red Shoes’ Latest News

In the most recent and exciting Ruby Red shoes news, Kate’s illustrations and the delights of Ruby Red Shoes are now available in a range of cards. To fill our soul up even more, the cards are printed on 100% recycled cardstock and the envelopes feature an extra detail of the signature Ruby Red Shoes floral print on their inner. Ruby-Red-Shoes-Floral-Print

These are the sort of cards that you would easily frame and hang once gifted, making them double as a very well priced print. Buy a few and decorate a room with a perfect Ruby Red Shoes gallery. These are very special cards. And the images, oh the images! Coupled with heart warming, perfectly versed text. We are really in love. Check out the card range at the Affirmations site. Affirmations in themselves are a most heartfelt, warmly intentioned publishing house that embrace optimism and positivity.

Share Ruby Red Shoes With Us

When you love something you want to share it and Ruby is no exception. We are giving away not one but 2 prize packs, each containing both the original Ruby Red Shoes book as well as Ruby Red Shoes Goes To Paris. Enter below for your chance to win.



Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store

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