Marriage Equality: Love is Love

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Marriage Equality  Love is love

I couldn’t wait to share this with you, I am sharing this within seconds of watching the video and with tears streaming down my face. Equality (including marriage equality) is a topic that is deeply seated in the very fabric of my being. I believe that in the human condition we are built to love and that this requires no label, boundary and least judgement. Therefore I won’t make any declaration of my own sense of being, purely because what I believe is that life requires none.

If you know me personally you likely know that my Dad identifies as a gay. He came out to me in 1988 and I have grown with an appreciation for the importance and impact of equality. I’m so incredibly proud of my Dad and I think of his life when I watch videos such as this. I think of what life could have looked like for him, if as a young man he could have imagined that public moments like these were possible. Well, not just public moments I suppose: public, private, whole-life live-and-love-and-rejoice-your-truth sort of moments!

History is a closed book, please let’s make the future full of these moments of marriage equality for all Australians. If you are an Australian that supports marriage equality please consider visiting and liking the Marriage Equality page on Facebook and perhaps more importantly, to sign the GetUp! Australian Marriage Equality petition here. You can also check out the Australian Marriage Equality site.

Love is love.

Ultimate Marriage Equality: Watch the beautiful video + have tissues handy

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