Kuvings vs Hurom Juicer in 2014 {By Request}

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“Hello! I’m comparing juicers… Can you tell me about the Kuving vs Hurom?”

Will try to be as succinct as possible. But thorough so it is long x LONG! I had to stop myself so if I have missed something or you have questions please just ask. First things first you are looking at 2 quality juicer brands and would probably be very happy with either Xx

Lets start with what is similar: both Kuvings and Hurom are brands that sell only cold press vertical style juicer – by vertical I’m talking feed the fruit and veg from the top and they press the juicer out. You place the food in the top and the food travels through the food chute and into the ‘drum’ where it is pressed by the ‘auger’ and then a straining barrel distributes pulp and juice out various ejection ports.

They are both quiet juicers that produce a great yield of juice for produce volume regardless of models in each of the ranges – and both are quiet compared with the centrifugal (your standard whizz whizz juicer). They both have the similar setup with the drum and auger style construction with a feed shute and strong internal motor. Their footprints in dimensions are very similar and of course with my intro special they are all around same price.

So now getting to differences. To start with the Kuvings has a 20 year motor warranty vs Hurom at 10 years on the Elite, and the Kuvings has a 5 year parts warranty vs the Hurom at 2 years. So there is a something to consider there and makes a difference for some people.

I can only assess things as they are right now, and I believe that the new model of Hurom has some major and moreover significant improvements on the current Kuvings. Hurom IMHO are at the forefront of vertical juicing, continually striving for innovation and have a serious commitment to R and D that has seen them release the new Elite model this year. That said, this is the first major overhaul of vertical juicing from them in 6 years – it does put them ahead of the rest for my opinion because I cant see that anyone else has come out with this concept?

This most notable difference between either of the Kuvings models and the Hurom Elite range is to note is that the RPM on the new Hurom has been reduced from the 78-80RPM’s the Kuvings is at to a very low 45RPM. (Your whizz whizz juicer is at 16000-25000 RPM).

For the Hurom/Kuvings the RPM is talking about how quickly the auger is spinning to press out the juice, so you might think that this is making the juicing output slower with the new Hurom. But Hurom has redesigned the auger to increase efficiency – it’s a double ‘winged’ auger [best way I can describe it] in the Hurom Elite VS single ‘winged’ auger in the Kuvings. Huron have basically come out with a slower but more efficient process for juicing and the key is that in juicing, slower = better efficiency at pulp separation, less ‘damage’ to the produce resulting in higher quality juice, less oxidation. For me this key difference is the upper hand of the 2014 Hurom on the Kuvings models.
I do like that the Kuvings can be personalised with colour including styling the silicone brushes etc. You are primarily buying a juicer to make quality juice and the Hurom is currently doing the best job of that IMHO, though it is surely a hard call.

As a small side note of a difference, the Kuvings (7kgs) is around 1.5kgs heavier than the Hurom (5.4kgs). And perhaps more interesting of ntoe is that Kuvings do offer a ‘whole juicer’ that doesn’t need so much prep on the produce before feeding it.

In the past the vertical juicers weren’t ideal for juicing leafy greens like kale or rather they had a ‘word on the street’ talk about it not being ideal for them because of the drum and auger method of not being as efficient with greens as the horizontal style. Even at the slow 80RPM speeds the greens were being too roughly/quickly handled but then at 45RPM’s it seems to do a much better job in trials that I have seen. The vertical juice is super easy for making nut milks: so quick and easy. You just pop the soaked nuts in and the water and then open the spout and the milk comes on out, with the upgraded strainer in the 2014 Hurom doing the job a lot more efficiently than other brands.

I decided to focus on supporting the Hurom for right now rather similar to the way that I decided not to sell Ergo at the same time as Manduca; I feel like when one company clearly outperforms another for a similar price range, I ethically have to get right behind that innovative company. It’s really a very similar story too because like the Aussie Manduca crew, the Australian Hurom team are such a passionate, committed, family backed set up with a stellar product to support.


Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store






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