Klean Kanteen news hits Australia

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We have always been such massive Klean Kanteen fans and have shouted it to the rooftop since our very beginnings – almost 10 years ago. We have also been blogging our praise for them as early as nearly 5 years ago when we announced our Klean Kanteen range update in June 2010. Today we have exciting stuff to report; some fabulous new Klean Kanteen products to hit Australia and we couldn’t wait to share the news.

Klean Kanteen 2015 updates

Klean Kanteen update to hit Australia in 2015

Of course Klean Kanteen are the original BPA free, stainless steel bottle and though we stock a variety of products, you will always see us and our children toting these. They are durable, with my new baby using the same bottle his older brother embraced as a little one more than 6 years ago. They are also stylish and functional more than any other product on the market.

Early this year the new matt colours hit our shores, with Green Fatigue and Shale Black proving a very popular addition to the range here.

New colours, new styles and new sizes

This 2015 update sees new stuff on every front; the Klean Kanteen team have announced a significant expansion of the Klean Kanteen product line. The news includes that addition of the Growler, coloured insulated tumblers, new colours of single-walled classics and Kid Kanteens as well a new style of insulated bottle AND a leakproof Cafe cap (2.0). #getexcited

Check them out!

Classic non-insulated updates

In the 12oz non-insulated or classic range we will be seeing 4 ace new colours: Farm House (red! I’ve longed for a red to come back), School Bus (yellow), Sky Diver (blue) and Sugar Plum (purple). 18oz KK Classics will welcome the addition of Berry Syrup (divine purple), Dragon Fruit (pink) and Shale Black. The 27oz range includes the new Berry Syrup, Dragon Fruit, Lime Pop (really citrus-ey lime) and Tidal Pool (swoon! a beautiful aqua colour).

Insulated bottle updates

Of course the insulated bottles are getting a massive addition, there will be the famous wide insulated in 12, 16, and 20oz  as well as a new classic insulated option in 12, 20, 32, and 64 oz. For us Aussies that means approximately 355ml, 590ml, 945mls and 1892mls.

The classic insulated range are going to look more like the classic non-insulated range, taller and skinnier and they are also being released in new colours. The 12oz classic insulated colours will be Bamboo Leaf (green), Beetroot, Canyon Orange, Meadow Flower, Quiet Storm, Shale Black, Stainless and Winter Lake. The 20oz and 32oz classic insulated are releasing with the Bamboo Leaf, Beetroot, Canyon Orange as well as with Blooming Iris, Fresh Pine and Quiet Storm. The big gun 64oz classic insulated will be available in either stainless or Winter Lake.

The wide insulated will remain in their existing colours, with the updated addition of Shale Black and Coyote Brown.

To view the full range and be right ready for ordering your updates head to our Klean Kanteen brand page. You can check out all of the new colours right now.

Happy days!


Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store


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