How to make sushi: with homemade blender mayonaisse

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how-to-make-sushiMy children are lovers of sushi and so am I. It is fresh, easy to store, easy enough to eat and is filling.

Did you know though, that most store bought sushi contains a small amount of gluten, in addition to added sugar and poor quality salt? The gluten comes into play through vinegar containing gluten being added to the rice. Gluten aside, it had always bothered me that there were most likely preservatives involved in the mayonnaise and that I couldn’t be sure of things like whether free range eggs were being used in that either. I know it seems like small detail, but when you are fine tuning your health the small details are vital. [Here’s an article I found interesting urging people to give up that old saying “everything in moderation” and why].

Even the gluten content may seem like a small detail but the impact of it on my gut and holistic health are sizeable. If you want to avoid numbers like colours and preservatives, or if like me you are strictly gluten intolerant or even if you are a coeliac, you can still eat and enjoy sushi. It is just so super easy to make fresh and clean.

The best thing is that you can tailor it just to our own tastes: Like avocado? Add extra! No carrot for you? Leave that out. Getting a snack or light meal together is more straightforward than ever. I also find that the sushi stores quite well for us so that it can be made over the weekend making for an easy lunch or nice kinder pack if you need that. It can be made in small pieces or long lengths to suit your needs and preferences.

How to make SushiHow To Make Sushi

Step 1. Cook some rice 🙂 Preferably sushi rice or medium short grain rice. Let it cool. You can add some sushi vinegar to it such as the Spiral Organics Sushi Vinegar – or not!

Step 2. While the rice is cooking, prepare some ‘fillings’. We use a doovie like this one (this is not an affiliate link) for the carrot and otherwise just slice anything we want in our rolls for ease of eating.

Step 3. Lay out the seaweed paper on either a lightly damp tea towel or a bamboo mat that you can find at your local supermarket or specialty store; spread rice across the full sheet. The lay your ingredients out across it around an inch from the bottom of the sheet. Carefully roll and then wet your fingers with water and use them like ‘glue’ to wet the final edge of the seaweed and ‘seal’.

You can then cut your sushi lengths into either 1-2cm wide ‘circles’ or longer ‘hand rolls’. I’m giving you technical Buxton family terminology :P. You can store them in the fridge, which I find seems to produce a slightly better texture.

How to make Homemade Mayonnaise

Easy Homemade Mayonaisse

A view from the top of my blender. It’s an odd photo; not sure if it looks good! But it sure does taste good 😛

This one could almost not be more simple. We have read many recipes on the web but this one comes up trumps.

1. Grab your blender.

2. Crack in an egg and around 45ml of lemon juice and pulse a few times.

3. Add some dry mustard powder to your liking if you feel like it, but not if you don’t!

4. Place 1-1.5 cups of olive oil in a pouring jug and start your blender, very slowly pouring the olive oil through the pouring inlet of your blender.. SLOWLY. Rush and it’s stuffed. Slowly 😛 xx

Then BAM it’s done. You will know it is ready because it will look almost fluffy, such a creamy wholesome drizzle of yumminess. We store ours in a jar for around 2-3 days and of course we are generous with it on our Sushi. You can play with the lemon/olive oil ratios, this works really well for us. You can also add chopped chives, organic sweet chilli sauce if you do that.

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Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store

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