Home decoration for Christmas: an eco Christmas can look stunning

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Thought I would share this beautiful reminder of how much style you can infuse in your Christmas settings without straying too far from your eco roots. My delightful Geelong family outdid themselves this year with this setting for around 30 at Christmas, 2011.

The gorgeous bunting were made by our sister and would be a great little craft activity to put together in a morning – though perhaps for the bigger kids as it is much easier when a guillotine is put into action and that would require serious supervision. Could be that you pre-make the triangles of an evening and get the little ones to help you string them onto the twine? You could transfer this idea to birthdays too 🙂 so I may blog on how simple it is. Our sister also created some amazing paper ‘poufs’ that were used to hang from the ceiling at different heights and really added to the ambience.

Also adding to the ambience was the collection of assorted flowers and items from the garden. This could be a little daytime activity too, heading around the garden to find beautiful things to present at the table. This doesn’t have to be flowers it can be foliage too – even sticks in the right placement!

A trip to the op shop will set you up well for this styling where a variety of otherwise unassuming glass jars are put to look fantastic, teamed with a little ribbon or could be twine to help them look as they belong together. The eclectic mix of old jars and bottles used for the centrepieces are hiding for next to nix at your BSL, Good Sammies or Salvos store. Again for the table centrepieces these are paper doilies but you could use real ones if you were lucky enough to find a stash at your local. You could make your own colour scheme work by dyeing or painting the doilies; I’m thinking yellow and pink from beetroot and tea. Doilies are getting popular in craft circles and for use as a decorative on clothing nowadays and can be harder to find so jump on those if you see them!

The joy of the op shop does not finish with doilies, I am also thinking colourful sheets for table covers but this was a single roll of fabric. Pretty unassuming with its dark grey and black tones but if you find something like that and have spare room for it you never know what use it might come to. Yes, this is how I ended up with my coveted fabric stash taking over every cupboard in the house and began considering whether I would qualify for the show ‘Hoarders’ ;P. [I have watched this late night when H. was having a long feed that I couldn’t sleep through. Not exactly uplifting!] The glassware was hired due to sheer numbers and lack of time. Decorated with paper cranes in Christmas colours but you could definitely use a mix of op shop glassware if you start collecting with a purpose and plenty of time to spare.

It is something lovely at the end of a joyous festive celebration to know that you will be washing and reusing your settings, that what is not reused can be recycled and/or biodegrade so that our enjoyment is at no cost to landfill and environment. It is worth considering that for the cost of plastic settings you could probably cover your requirements by visiting your op shop, and for the cost of eco/bio disposable plates etc you might consider hiring a matching set.

I know that not every element of things is always as eco as it could be, but it sure is nice to be reminded that mostly-eco can still look fabulous and that often going green, green living and shopping green is simply a matter of making considerate choices. It’s just not that hard to party with respect for the environment in 2011 and beyond and enjoy an end result that is heart-warmingly perfect. The options are out there more now than ever and you can always plan ahead to make preparing for your big event a fun element of your family schedule in the lead-up. Do you have any eco styling tips? Would love you to share them..

Now what is it that you say, on Dec 26th: Merry Christmas – or Happy New Year? Blessings, friends.

Pippa: Director at Buxton Baby



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  1. Kylie Embury December 29, 2011 at 12:48 am #

    Beautiful – you’ve given me inspiration for next year!

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