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Grovia Australia

Just heading here to announce the great promotion from our friends at Grovia Australia; this is a retailer only promotion on a fantastic range; made even better by the introduction of stay-dry inserts. Don’t worry, the organic cotton version is staying too. Isn’t it funny – for his modern cloth nappies my son could only wear natural fibre inners. For my daughter it is the opposite; she is instantly red raw if I don’t use a stay dry liner or booster.

The promotion is as above; between Jan 15 and Feb 15 2012, spend $25 and receive a free wetbag, $75 and receive a free shirt – and over $150 gets you a wetbags, shirt AND stainless steel bottle.

We are pretty excited about the pending arrival of the awesome cloth training pants/ cloth ‘pull-ups’ – the Grovia My Choice Training Pants that we are expecting early next week. Our little Mr 3 still wears his Grovia night nappy for the odd accident, but hates it and often takes it off in the middle of the night in his sleep poor love. I say poor love because then he inevitably does wet the bed from time to time and is even more sad. Really excited to offer him some independence as well as comfort. Once they are here we will be sure to review them on the blog for some up close pics of the new style.

You don’t have to do anything special – just place your order in this time frame and we will take care of the rest. You can add any special requests for the shirt print to your comments at checkout if you wish.

Do you use Grovia? We would love to know which products you have used and hear what you think of them. It is always helpful to get feedback and also for other Mums to read about what has and has not worked for other babies so please feel welcome to comment and share your stories.

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