The buzzword or the bare facts?

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We often receive calls and emails from companies and people marketing their product to us. Sometimes we turn away from big name brands – even if they look pretty, and surprisingly enough even sometimes when products sound authentically eco!

The reason is that our eco baby and parenting store aims to bring real eco to real people. It’s not right to inflate pricing, organic just doesn’t cost that much more to access and produce in today’s market. Eco options are price accessible and so they should be, accessible to the majority. If we find a great product has hit the supermarket shelves we will tell you so – like Ecostore which is available through Woolworths at prices far lower than we can stock it. We say, great! It has been fantastic to see the community slowly pick up on options that are gentler on the environment and for those options to be popular enough that they can succeed in the broader population. Lately we have been hearing a lot about Nature Direct products which appear to be an even safer, gentler household cleaning option at the early stages of our reviewing them. Get back to you on that one.

We’re not searching our supplier catalogues for anything with the organic buzzword flashed all over it. Nor do we feel that we have to take on every product in a range if we feel that something can be more effectively replicated elsewhere, more locally or is a product that is unnecessary. Instead we’re finding new products by talking to other parents, reading ingredients lists and searching forums for real results. We’re talking to our international contacts about what is new in their area. We’re thinking about what represents value We are using our own experiences as parents and health professionals to inform us.

When we’re finding new stock it really matters to us what you think, what you need and what your ideas might be. If there is something missing, let us know If you find a better price elsewhere, remember to check our pricing policy – we will try to match it. In the meantime enjoy our range and remember to follow us on Facebook for new product updates.

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    BUXTON|baby March 31, 2011 at 4:05 am #

    My local Nature Direct consultant is the lovely Schenoa Costa. Schenoa has been so wonderful to deal with and answered what you can imagine were my 101 questions about the products ;). Don’t hestiate to contact her for more info.

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