Supercharged green tea benefits: Matcha Green Tea Powder

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Kenko Matcha Green Tea Benefits Supercharged

My green shake adventures took on buy generic proscar a distinctly Japanese flavour this week when the delightful Sam from Kenko Matcha Green Tea sent through a generous gift for me to experience, more than simply green tea benefits: their full Traditional Matcha Set.

Sam didn’t even ask me to say anything about this here but you have to value and balance his enthusiasm. I believe that the universe repays a willingness to speak your truth and be generous in word as well as substance. I get gifts like this every so often and I don’t always post about them: I’m speaking my truth too and have to go with what feels right.

Kenko Match Green Tea GiftThe first exciting element of this gift was simply the joy of receiving and opening it. I’m a mail junkie and thankfully have all our stock deliveries coming to satiate my enjoyment of receiving. Rarely though do I open something that is just for me. Opening was the beginning of my delight in receiving this gift. The set was carefully packaged and packed and for me even included a sweet note x

The set itself is delicate and feels authentic. Aside from the plastic packaging on the bamboo whisk (Chasen), the Matcha powder packaging was paper based and the Matcha itself is stored in a tin. From my perspective as a creative woman in business I also have to say that the branding is uber cute.


Source: Kenko Matcha Tea

Matcha smells familiar (I was an short term exchange student to Japan in 1995) and looks vibrant and amazing. It’s visual power matches the nutritional strengths of the Matcha: which offer a lot more than simply green tea benefits. Since Sam originally found me through reading my own post about green shakes I knew that the first place I would use the powder was adding it to my morning shake. I was a bit apprehensive at how the Matcha might overpower the familiar balance of flavours in my carefully tuned recipe but I also enjoy surprises and the outcome was a flavour that was actually a perfect subtle contribution. Sam’s Matcha definitely hit the spot for me 🙂Matcha In Shake. I’m excited to explore other uses: do you have any ideas? Please comment!

Big thanks to Sam for giving me a new flavour concept for my shakes. I know that our readership will also enjoy considering the Matcha powder for the many benefits it offers. You can get to know Sam and his team over at the Kenko Matcha on FB or you can also connect with Sam on Twitter (like I did).

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Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store




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2 Responses to Supercharged green tea benefits: Matcha Green Tea Powder

  1. Sam James August 22, 2013 at 3:18 am #

    Thanks so much for the kind words Pippa, glad you enjoyed the matcha in your shakes!

    Also our packaging is more ‘eco friendly’ now that I am using recyclable craft paper for the wrapping, and you can even reuse the tins once you run out of matcha. (just soak to remove the labels.)

  2. Sabrina February 5, 2015 at 12:07 pm #


    I too follow a gluten and dairy free low fodmap diet, so excited to have found your blog! I found it by googling “is green matcha tea low fodmap?” I’m assuming that since you use it, it must be? I’m fine with other green tea such as jasmine green tea, etc…but wasn’t sure if this in powder form was any different fodmap wise? Thanks!

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