Green smoothie recipe update

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Green Smoothie Ingredients

We love our green smoothies and I feel like my day couldn’t go on without them now. I even take my blender with me places if we go away. [No, really! :P] I started having my green smoothies back when my son, now 5, was a little guy and I felt that I was struggling to get through my day clarity and energy. I started making my green shake for Mums with whey protein powders and lots of other great green smoothie ingredients that I shared here.

I worked out pretty quickly that the whey protein was not working for me; I had allergy symptoms going off like a fire alarm. I have also been struggling with my IBS and had to cut and change a few things with that. I was super pleased then to find that there are a few great quality alternatives for plant based protein powder to choose from. I love the texture/consistency that the Vital Greens Pea Protein produced with my shake.

Lately I buy lamisil cream uk have been having a few people ask what my shake ingredients are now. So the past the past 6-8 months, this is what I have being doing.

Amazing Green Smoothie

A message my husband left for me on my birthday with a chalk pen on my glass blender: a place where he knew I would find it and read it 🙂

Pip’s 2013 Green Smoothie Recipe

2.5 cups Organic Oat Milk

5 Icecubes

1/4 cup OOB Organic Blueberries

2 teaspoons Loving Earth Mesquite powder

1 teaspoon Loving Earth Maca powder

1/4 tsp Loving Earth Coconut Sugar [if I am feeling not sweet enough ;P]

5 Melrose Organic Chlorella tablets

1 teaspoon Melrose Organic Spirulina powder

OR 1 tablespoon Loving Earth Rainbow Powder

1 tablespoon Australian Hemp Protein powder [only add this is if it is legal to consume this in your country :P]

1 tablespoon Vital Greens Pea Protein powder

1 tablespoon Melrose Olive Leaf Extract

Optional 1 tablespoon Melrose Omega Gold Flaxseed Oil

Small handful of Loving Earth Goji Berries YUM xxx

*Note of interest about the Loving Earth Goji Berries. They are awesome. We were buying supermarket brands for a while, then got on to LE. How can something be so different?!

Anyways I mix this up with other ideas if I feel bored and add kale/spinach if I have it and also add coconut oil if I need it, which gives like a smooth fuzzy stuff that is yum on top and I eat that with a spoon some days. I’d love to hear what your shake looks like. One of the best things about the concept of a shake is that there are no rules and that you decide what you need. Of course what you need could change too 🙂

Blessings for health and wellness xx

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store

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