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There are lots of great things happening here at Little Eco Nest HQ; some really exciting stuff. I am seriously having trouble sleeping with excitement over what is to come this month. I’m hoping if I share some enthusiasm it might help prevent my head exploding ;).

One of the great things is our welcome of H2Onya Stainless Steel Bottles. We have always loved a great stainless steel bottle for both ourselves and the kids, and have been stocking the famous Klean Kanteen brand for a few years now. There were Australian products that we attempted to love, but just didn’t. We are all for supporting Aussie companies as long as the product is quality and works for our customers and we couldn’t find an Aussie owned equivalent to the trusted KK that met those values.. until now. Today we are embracing H2Onya with open arms and giving them our stamp of approval.

Like Klean Kanteen their bottles are food grade 304 stainless steel, removing concerns about aluminium for water storage and ensuring that they don’t leach, stain or retain. They have no inner lining that can peel away or be suspected of containing harmful chemicals.

Their wide mouth allows ice cubes and they are compatible with a vast array of lids that are interchangeable between bottle sizes. This includes the fantastic ‘sippy’ lid option that is compatible with Avent spouts (BPA free of course). Many users of stainless bottles are familiar with the green Avent spout that is included with the 350ml Onya bottle; you should know that the yellow ‘sports’ spout with stronger water flow also fits these lids. This yellow spout is recommended from 18 months; we used it for our first child from around 12 months. The awesome thing about all of the Avent spouts, is that they are non-spill – tip them upside down and shake them about, you might get the tiniest of few drops if anything. The cheapest option for spouts is to find them at your local supermarket or department store – often on sale. Follow us on twitter as we often share that type of sale update if we see it in our local stores cheaper than we are able to offer them.

6-12 month Avent Spout (One Spout included with Onya 350ml Bottle Purchase)

Having shared the reasons we think Onya are on par with our old favourite brand – let me now give you a few reasons that they are better. After all, our store is committed to finding the best options on the market for our savvy eco parents. Then of course, we are also committed to telling you about our real experiences of them in real language.

A few views of the H2Onya 350ml Stainless Steel Sippy Cup w/ Packaging.

Onya bottles have fantastic packing, a reusable cardboard cylinder that is great for protection in the post. This cylinder has that many craft uses we were almost as excited about receiving it as we were its contents. There are a few crafty suggestions to start you off on the accompanying brochure. We also love the soft curve of the bottle shape, very easy for little hands to grasp and aesthetically pleasing. There is one setback as we can see it, the colour range [stainless, pink, or blue] is not as extensive as others may offer [for now]. However that is a fair trade in my eyes, colour does not affect quality or functionality or the one you really want hear about.. price. The 350ml Onya stainless steel sippy bottle is priced at a very reasonable $15.95!

It feels so good to be making a move that sits more comfortably with our ethic of supporting Australian business without compromising on any level. We are sure that you will be equally happy to make this positive move with us.

Want to try this bottle for free? We are ”sharing our love’ for the Onya range of bottles by running a Valentine’s Day competition on our Buxton Baby facebook page until Feb 14th, 2011 to win an H2Onya 350ml Stainless Steel Sippy Bottle.

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