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Buxton Baby is a comprehensive store for modern families, yet we know that sometimes too much choice is well.. just too much! Hopefully this little guide is a helpful page to give our visitors some direction when it comes to choosing gifts for the whole family.

I encourage our customers not to feel overly pressured about gift buying as in the vast majority of instances gifts are purchased with joy and received with excitement and appreciation. Of course we will always facilitate an exchange for unopened gifts if a return was necessary. Hopefully the following guides will help you find that perfect special something.

Gifts for Babies

When buying gifts for babies, do you find yourself asking “what to buy for a baby under 12 months?!” Our online eco store has a lot to offer, always quality, safe and natural baby products for little people to love. Babies are born with the ability to focus only the distance from their eyes to their mothers face during nursing; and as they grow they explore via their mouth, with sensory toys and experiences. For great baby gift ideas try wooden rattles with natural finishes like organic beeswax, natural teething toys such as our Ringley fabric teething cloth, organic cotton teething toys such as the Dandelion organic cotton duck squeaker, crinkle bear, and the awesome knots teething toy and natural baby rattle. You might also be interested to read our great Top 5 Natural Teething toys blog post.

Another favourite for babies of all ages but particularly for crawling babes is the fabulous rainstick tower. I was surprised at how interested our daughter was in this at 3 and 4 months of age and as she grew more mobile we could roll this on its side for her to chase. It makes a delightful sound as the balls fall, extremely ‘zen’. Children are also most likely to form an attachment to a toy as a 3-6 month old baby and in the few months following; so this could be the time to consider a delightful organic cotton soft toy such as the completely adorable Little Organics Marley Mouse, Larlie Bear, Barley Lamb or Fifi Rabbit. These toys will become treasured and favourite play toys for little babies and into toddler years.

Gifts for Toddlers

Play is so vitally important for our children to learn about themselves and the world. Indeed through play our children develop not only their language but their physical, emotional, social and intellectual selves. If you are the parent of a toddler you might have experienced children that can become almost obsessive about nesting toys, stacking toys and sorting toys. The average toddler stacks two to six objects per day so that dual purpose nesting and stacking toys such as the Green Toys Nesting and Stacking Cups are fantastic; double bonus that they can be used as bath toys and pouring toys too! As sorting toys are also a hit at this development stage you could consider the stunning Djeco Maggie the Cow shape sorter or the Voila Geo-cow that is also very popular. When I say popular I mean both that it sells well, but also that with our own children and in our community that they have been loved by children!

Now that your little person has become more mobile it is likely that they will enjoy pushing toys or pulling toys, especially those that they can use while walking. Our baby walker filled with blocks, range of ride-on toys including the PinToy Ute Trike are fantastic choices for special toddler gifts. The Wishbone Flip is both a rocker and ride-on toy which presents great value for money as well as a load of opportunity for fun and enjoyment across a range of development stages.

Of course many of the things that a toddler or child needs to help develop are there within the home so don’t forget to buy super kamagra australia add some basic items from your kitchen or go out into the garden to experience life with your children, often the most ordinary of objects will hold their fascination for a long period of time and bring a smile to little faces. We have some great ideas for craft activities for toddler and children over at our Buxton Baby Pinterest page.

More great gift ideas to come..

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