Free Printables for Kids: The First of Many

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Check out our brand new free printable for kids; this one is a daily to-do list. We tend to preference an approach that encourages our children to do and act because they intrinsically wish rather than to illicit behavior with rewards or punishment. However our son in particular is very task oriented and we felt that a list of ‘daily do’s’ would really bring him contentment and meet his need for order.

I spent some time putting this chart together and thought that I would share it but please do comment if you have any improvements or requests. We are planning to use blu-tac to stick the tasks on the left hand column which is where the tasks will begin at the start of the day. Then as the tasks are completed, they move to the right hand column (the tick represents ‘task completed’). You could also use small velcro dots if your number of tasks was very fixed.

There are 2 PDF’s that are free to download. Click here to download the main task chart and click here to download the preformatted list of tasks.

Want to make up your own to-do tasks? Use a word processor and the KG Somebody That I Used to Know font which is free to download but please do consider donating if you use this and enjoy it, even a few dollars can make a difference to someone who is making a creative living. Of course if you can please share this, that helps to make my creativity worthwhile too 🙂 xx

Pippa: Director at Buxton Baby

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