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Nature Direct Cleaning Guide Check out our handy little eco cleaning guide to help give some guidance to your cleaner, mother-in-law,  husband, children, Au Pair, and any one else who cares to give a helping hand with your Nature Direct cleaning products and Eco cloths.

We prepared this for our support network and then thought it would make for a good share so putting it out there. It is a great, super useful chart that shows the 6 spray colours and the main cleaning cloths, using coloured circles to represent the cloths and sprays that should be used together.

I do hope that this chart comes in handy; I also made it look a little pretty so that it could be a free printable that you would be happy to have up on a wall. I will be popping one in my pantry and in the linen press.


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    Catherine Nolan Biondic May 29, 2013 at 10:34 pm #

    What a great visual for the Nature DIrect Range Pip.
    Please pass my details on for anyone wanting to learn how to DETOX their home from chemical cleaners. I can supply more info or prices on our range anytime.
    Cath Nolan Biondic
    PH: 0418 567 604
    or visit me on my facebook page at

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