Fly Legs Up Review: An Essential for Family Travel

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Hey guys! We have just arrived back from 5 weeks of travel in Europe with our little ones in tow. Packed away in our carry on were Fly Legs Up foot hammocks for my self and the 3 children. My FB friends have seen these in our feed and been asking me for more info, because as soon as you see these in action you realise how awesome they are and want to know more.

Fly Legs Up Review

What to love about Fly Legs Up

Easy installation

The Fly Legs Up design is very simple, and it attaches quickly and easily to the sides of the tray table with super strength velcro that is coloured coded for ease of use. You then place inflatable cushions in the hammock to provide for either a hammock or fully flat surface on which your children can sleep, rest or relax.


The Fly Legs Up hammock causes no disturbance to those in front of you, and can be easily attached to the tray table before take off, adding your inflated pillows straight after the seat belt light is turned off to maximise your sleep window or head straight to chill out mode as soon as possible. There is a handy clip at the side of the unit where you can hang the easy storage bag so that packup is quick and easy.

It is difficult to put a value on the ability to create a safe and comfortable sleep space for your children, with the use of this hammock for your feet on a long haul flight. Fly Legs Up not only includes this innovative hammock, but also comes with inflatable, velour cushions. 1 small and 1 large cushion is included for adults and 1 small and 2 large for children’s sets. If purchased separately these quality and style of cushions would retail individually at between $20-$30 EACH.


The hammock itself allows so many positions that would otherwise be awkward without leg support. The super soft inflatable pillows can be used either within the hammock space or buy modafinil adelaide to cushion your side or shoulder and you can adjust them by adding or removing air to your ideal inflation level.

Fly Legs Up Instructions

Our experience using Fly Legs Up

On our most recent flight we flew Cathay Pacific from Melbourne to Frankfurt via Hong Kong – with 3 children ages 9, 6 and 2. We gave all of them the option to use the Fly Legs Up, and each of them loved it. They slept a little on the way to Hong Kong but generally just lay out and relaxed. As soon as we were on our connecting flight they asked to use it again and were all asleep within 10 minutes of setup. Countless other testimonials on the Fly Legs Up website show that we are among many families whose kids sleep well using this product.

6 year old with Flight Leg Support

Our 2 year old wakes often to feed, but the others slept for many hours in a stretch and it was easy to feed our toddler and lay him back down. This product is not just for children though – and I can say that I wouldn’t want to fly long haul without it myself. I am tall but I like the comfort of being in a semi ‘foetal’ position to sleep and the Fly Legs Up could facilitate that. I also felt that the additional pillows brought extra comfort. Other passengers and even crew were quick to ask us where we got the product and were a bit jealous of it – and with good reason because I was definitely super comfy and had sleeping babes.

Adult Fly Legs Up

Adults love Fly Legs Up

Great value

As with any products we receive we only give honest opinions and only when we fall in love with a product and actually think it valuable to our audience; so needless to say since you are reading this, we found the Fly Legs Up AWESOME for so many reasons and we are very happy to give you a run down here on what we will happily endorse as a family travel ESSENTIAL without a shadow of a doubt.

Key Points to Remember

  • Comfort is invaluable on long haul flights for both adults and children
  • Getting children to nap or sleep anywhere is gold and helps make travel less stressful
  • They sleep – you sleep
  • Installation of the Fly Legs Up is honestly is so easy
  • The Fly Legs Up hammock can be washed
  • The product is very easy to customise to suit your own preferences
  • Be aware that you can’t use this product on bulkhead seats

2 year old with Fly Legs up

The bottom line is that if you are travelling with kids you should not waste a second deciding whether to buy a Fly Legs Up unit. Just do it, this is not a purchase you will regret. You can find more information about and purchase over at the Fly Legs Up website and specifically this page has a lot of pictures showing installation and use of the Fly Legs Up for kids.

It feels great to share this handy product with you! Feel free to ask me any questions you might have. When I get it together a little more I will share lots of other tips and wisdom gained from our experiences xx Safe travels xx


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