Flexapots Review: Super Easy Clean Painting and Craft

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When Flexapots originally sent me this set I felt that it wasn’t like anything else I had seen before. We received the Flexapots Art & Craft Combination set which makes for a unique gift idea. That set comes along with four little silicone vessels that Flexapots have dubbed ‘paint pots’. We now have one pot of each colour – so red, aqua, orange and charcoal. Central to the experience for our family has been the activity mat which in our case is Aqua but you can also choose the colour of your activity mat from red, aqua or orange. This brown box packaging for the Art and Craft Combo set becomes a first craft activity; there are perforated shapes of a bunny mask and a rad robot mask at the back of the box and instructions for that are included inside the box.


The pots and yes those are sparkles glued to my dining table a few months back 🙂

At first I wasn’t sure how the set would fit into our routine as we don’t use regular paints. I soon learnt that my little ones adored the set, and felt happy to have their crafting spaced organised by the activity mat and would find 101 uses for the paint pots too. Among other things the mat and pots have been used to keep sequins and paper die cut pieces under control, to make the Glob botanical paints in, as a mat to ensure that paper wasn’t being glued to our dining table (!) and honestly a whole lot more.

If I could tell you how destroyed my dining table is after all the stamping, drawing, glueing, painting.. and more glue.. plus sparkles.. well, you get the picture and we might have done with the activity mat a little earlier on! With the mat providing for a dedicated paint area my daughter who is usually the most creative [read: messiest] was encouraged to use the mat to focus in the chaos. Even when the pots are clean our little girl stacks them, uses them as beds for tiny dollies.. and so the list goes on. Flexapots Art and Craft Combo

The pots are intended to be used with conventional paint, where you can safely leave the paint in the pot until later in the day. You let the excess paint dry and the flex the pot to peel away the dried paint. This is the beauty of this use of silicone which is an inert substance far less environmentally concerning than plastic. You can pop them in the dishwasher which is handy. Our little girl worked out that when flipped inside out the teardrop shape becomes a circle. I actually can’t wash these fast enough before they are in use again.

The designer of the Flexapots product is Rob who is a Dad to 2 little girls came up with the innovation to make art and craft clean up more simple and easy. He’s had a nifty idea! We hope you think so too. You can find and buy the Flexapots at www.flexapots.com.au and connect with the Flexapots team on the Flexpots Facebook page.

Have a happy day! Smiles,

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store

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