5 Great First Day of School Photo Ideas and Free Printables

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No time for any props or fancy stuff? Just take a pic of your child with a blank piece of paper. I just loved this idea because it is super easy. Just get your child to hold up a blank A4 page of paper. You can see in this shot that the date and text is added afterward. This idea shows a photo taken on the first and last day of school, which is a cute way to show how much they have grown up in that time. But the best thing about it is that if you don’t feel like you have time to prep something fancy, just take the blank white paper photo and later you can add the text you need to add when you have some time. In 10 years or so ;P



If you do have some time now – excellent! There are a vast array of FREE first day at school printables A4 pages that can bring something fresh and fun to your first day of school pics. This image is just one example – but don’t forget to check out the resource link to a wide range of free printables you can download online today.


Resources for First Day of School Printable Prop Signs

Chickabug/How Does She (Pastel dots and stripes)
Armelle Blog (Basic signs that you can personalise)
Yellow Bliss Road (Chalkboard signs)
I Heart Nap Time (Sweet primary coloured signs with graphics)
The Suburban Mom (Writing Paper with black/white text)



If you are stuck for ideas about where to take the perfect portrait photo of your child on their first day of school without it being too typical and cheesy, this image from Australian photographer Ann Price Photography shows you what a great concept it is to take a photo in the library. The books make a great backdrop and if you know anything about getting bokeh you can blur them a bit too for a great effect. [PS: I’m not into this whole wearing fake glasses for school photos idea. What? Surely the children must be thinking: but I don’t wear glasses? LOL.] This is a great idea to me because you can actually take the photo on any day (doesn’t have to be the first day) – but also if you are taking this on the first day of school, you will not have to queue as you might for the more typical location shots and can take your time to get a really sweet image of your little one.



Similar concept to the blank paper idea but maybe even easier; if you have a blank WALL somewhere, maybe sure you take a photo that leaves a big wall space to the left or right of your child. That way you can edit the photo afterward by adding text in the blank area. You can add a descriptive ‘interview’ type text like in this image, or just ‘Sonny’s First Day at School in 2014’.




There are a lot of them, but for my liking this inspirational image was the best one with the green blackboard and the colourful writing. Maybe because colour makes me happy, or perhaps just because it was a little different than the black chalkboards that are around. Chalkboards require some organisation; and to get it really right I can see myself buying chalk pens weeks in advance. The small wooden chalkboards are hot this last year or so and should be easy and cheap to find, though I’m not sure this green version would be as easy. You could definitely come up with a coloured chalkboard with all the new chalkboard paints that are now available and that could be fun! Sure you are getting my drift; this seems like a lot of effort! Some Mums are totally up for that xXx Great!

A few concepts I found when looking around were also using chalk to write on a footpath and have the child lie down beside the writing. Hmnz that just screamed chalk all over my first day of school uniform to me :P! So if you are planning that one, I might suggest you actually do it after school pickup so that the dirty clothes don’t actually matter.

For more specific ideas if you are feeling like being VERY thorough about your first day of school photography, check out the below list of shots that you can also download as a free printable from Simple as That Blog:

Back To School Photo Checklist

Hope this inspires you to capture your little one’s first day of school in a fun and memorable way. With ideas for first day of school photography all organised, you can look forward to a calm and peaceful first day where you can focus on what really matters: connecting with your child and supporting their transition to a new structure of daily life.

Smiles, Pip

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store

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