Eco Mums and Miranda Kerr – [Protein] Shaking it up!

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You might be surprised to know how much you have in common with a supermodel, I sure was. I found the answer this week to what I; your fairly average WAHM Mum in all respects, have in common with a supermodel of the likes of the intelligent, gorgeous Miranda Kerr.

We were having dinner with our dear friends recently and were talking about my interest in being vegetarian as well as my past inability to keep to a vegetarian routine.  My friend has his own health history, having had his pituitary gland removed due to a tumour and one can only imagine the impact that has on the body and daily intake to start with. As you might expect when things get more serious, he is well researched about his body and I joke now that Google University owe him a doctorate. He also never suggests that ‘he knows’ rather there is the suggestion that you could investigate concepts yourself if something he mentions is of interest.

My friend continued to ask me some questions; yes I get shaky when I haven’t eaten, I crave meat and feel I can’t omit it from my diet easily, I have mood swings and elements of anxiety/depression [that I believe through the words of other mothers are unfortunately so commonplace in society’s modern version of parenting – do everything, be everything]. He continued to describe elements of my self so accurately that my husband and I were staring at each other in disbelief. So when he went on to suggest that ‘people who fit this description’ might need more protein their diet and that I could think about reading on the topic – I was definitely open to the idea.

We went on to discuss the difference between Whey Protein Isolate and Whey Protein Concentrate (WPC). You might read around and think that isolate is the go –  but isolate is what a body builder wants, it is refined and stripped of some of the nutrient value that a person would appreciate if seeking protein powder for basic nutrition. If you are having a protein shake for health and choosing Whey then WPC is what you are after. Like any modern food it is prudent to take a look at ingredients lists, avoiding preservatives, additives and fillers when finding a product that will best suit your needs and health.

Inspired by the possibility of some energy and more consistent mood patterns I thought that this protein shake idea was well worth considering. I was surprised to read that the RDI for a breastfeeding woman is 1g/kg of body weight. So with an egg being around 10g’s of protein and a steak maybe 30g – I was pretty sure that I would not be getting my fair share. You can read some more protein food data here.  It appears from general reading that protein deficiency is rare and of course like anything, too much is not good for you. Therefore I of course suggest that there is no rush to jump to any conclusions that a protein shake fits you without really considering it first and perhaps consulting your health care professional.  I weigh 75kgs so adding 20gms or so of protein to my morning feels fair. I was intrigued that protein powders might not just be useful for body building or athletes at a stretch but be relative to my own life is a busy mother and businesswoman.

I started considering possible ingredients and searching for recipes. I recalled that my brother who has a very similar physical build to me had been drinking protein shakes for years; we share many commonalities including high standards for our food quality and I knew he would have information about a quality source of the key ingredient: protein powder. Isn’t it funny that you just don’t hear something that is being said until you are ready; he had talked about his shakes a few times in the past but I just wasn’t open to it then. Lucky for me he was onto it and could suggest Boomers protein powder and they had a great WPC option with “no additives, fillers, bulking agents, flavouring, preservatives or sweeteners, and… harvested from Australian and New Zealand dairy herds grazing on pastures that are maintained without pesticides or herbicides,” (Boomers Prolongevity). Perfect!

While I had been waiting on my brothers response to my emails I eventually stumbled on Miranda Kerr’s healthy shake recipe on the equally fabulous organic living blog. This recipe really concreted my feeling that a shake was going to stimulate fundamental changes in lifestyle in this household. Miranda and her team had a great variety of ingredients that sounded delicious. I found the entire blog refreshingly on the pulse and relevant to the lifestyle we lead and found myself wanting to connect with this person who appeared to life a life so similarly aligned to my own.  Funnily enough we are indeed both breastfeeding, baby wearing, organic food eating, sustainable living Mums balancing work and mothering.

I recalled another respected friend who recently shared with me her abandon of multivitamins after replacement through food sources. After researching these ingredients I felt confident that my body would have the opportunity to obtain all of the nutrients that my diet otherwise was lacking from this breakfast shake; though I have kept my calcium supplements of an evening.

So, how goes it? Well goodbye 3pm tired signs and hello vitality and patience. If this is a placebo effect I am happy to go with it – I have been feeling fabulous. In the past I would have a lame cereal breakfast or morsel of toast while preparing everyone else’s food and then be starving by 11-12 but not with it enough to prepare something substantial. I would make the children some food but not myself and by the time the mail run was over and husband arrived home I felt ready for bed, grumpy and irritable. Post shake this has changed in a very positive way. It wasn’t that I was less hungry at lunch time – the shake definitely kick started my metabolism but also gave some motivation to prepare something at lunch and indeed to get back into life for the rest of the day too. By 3pm I was jumping around or sitting quietly reading with the children, things I was far too energy-zapped, shaky and distracted to do at that time on my usual day pre-shake.

I should say however that it wasn’t entirely so simple. You do have to know your body, come up with a recipe that suits you; this is where a nutritionist or health professional could have handy input about your own specific needs. Drink enough water during the day too, you will need it. I had to cut cocoa because I don’t tolerate it well – though I had hoped its pure form would do me some miraculous favour, I was getting headaches from the cocoa consumption as I always have. After removing that I came to the realisation that I was getting worse: migraines from the WPC itself. This fine tuning happened over a number of weeks. I had been advised to avoid dairy as a child due to persistent sinus pain and inflammation/hayfever symptoms but was holding out with the hope that I would be able to hack the WPC .

You will notice then that I use either organic Phyto Pea Protein from the Vital Greens company or Mesquite Powder from Loving Earth as my protein source. I also add organic Honey Oat Milk to my shake along with ice and water, as getting ‘off’ soy was a big motivator for a trial of the shake concept. Well.. I may as well share my full recipe. I just put it all together and go BUZZzz. I drink it when made, as I find it gets gluggy if left for too long [ick] but is delicious fresh out of the blender.

 Pip’s Get up and Keep Going Holistic Protein Shake Recipe

The picture actually shows a quarter teaspoon of strawberry powder that I didn’t think was to good effect, but looks pretty – and also some Cacao powder. Now the cocoa was massively tasty and we love Loving Earth Raw Organic Cacao Powder – I just had to cut it out as stated earlier. You may wish to add the Cacao back and/or some Loving Earth Coconut Sugar while you are at it. The photo is also buy ativan online missing the Acai Powder – I didn’t have it yet when the pictures were taken.

1 Scoop Protein Powder [Pea Protein or Loving Earth Mesquite, I alternate]

A few cubes of ice to your preference

1 Tablespoon Frozen Blueberries [not always and not too many, trying not to spike the blood sugars]

1 Cup Icy Cold Filtered Water [Using our Southern Cross Pottery Water Purifier of course!]

2 Cups Australia’s Own Organic Honey Oat Milk [or your own choice of milk]

1 Teaspoon Synergy Organic Super Greens

1 Tablespoon The Chia Co Chia Bran

1 Tablespoon Loving Earth Maca Powder

1 Tablespoon Melrose Organic Golden Flaxmeal

2 Tablespoons of Loving Earth Raw Organic Acai Berry Powder


And here’s what it looks like, close up [seriously tasty]:

Organic Protein Shake

Yes you are looking at my gorgeous Kitchenaid KSB555 Artisan Blender, Imperial Grey if you require that detail. I love it because the pitcher is glass and the body is metal – less plastic, no leaching, more recyclable than other machines = pretty great. Insane quality and function. Shame it is not made in Australia!













I have to say that I think the shake concept is great for a Mum – super quick and sustaining.

After these great personal results I have felt moved to action and decided to write to you all and share my experience. I also consulted some of the most reputable companies that source or produce ingredients for this shake recipe requesting samples to distribute so that some of my readers would have the chance to try a shake at no cost. Working on that so will get back to you!

Of course we have also sourced full size products for sale in our own store; and these products like anything else in the store we trust and find they meet our standards for high quality. We considered many brands on a variety of levels including pricing and find that these offer the best value for money for the quality ingredients we required. Affordability is important to us as we know every family has a budget even if those budgets are a little bigger and a little smaller for some. Hope to follow up once I have calculated a cost per shake however with the cost of most cereals or muesli these days I would be surprised if this wasn’t on par – but for the benefit of energy and patience I was willing to pay a premium and make sacrifices elsewhere if required.

Here’s Cheers Miranda – thanks for your input and inspiration. Turns out I do have something in common with a supermodel after all.

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store


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