Green Cleaning: Australia Welcomes Full Circle

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We were stoked to add the full Full Circle range last month and really pleased that you loved it, like we do! We had lots of questions about the range and thought it was a good time to release a blog post dedicated to giving you a closer look at the products. Our family have been using Full Circle products since 2009.  In a true testament to these products we are still using the same Full Circle Laid Back dish brush buy cytotec canada we started with almost 2 years ago!

Full Circle’s range of pleasingly stylish, functional products are made from sustainable and renewable resources. Their sponges are made from cellulose fibre which is a plant based fibre and their scrubbing brushes are sleek and effective. This company are also encouraging improved working conditions, cleaner manufacturing methods and higher environmental standards. Full Circle also audit their factories according to the following: fair labour practices, health & safety, compensation & work hours, environmental conditions including air and water, as well as waste disposal.

The plastic looking components of these products are not plastic at all – which is awesome since virgin plastic is so unnecessary and detrimental to our environment. These parts are a cellulose/plant starch product called Bonterra(tm) that takes less energy to produce and emits fewer greenhouse gases during production than plastic. The handles are made from bamboo.

I thought you would really appreciate some in real life photos of these products so here is a feast of pics in order to take a closer look at the range. Enjoy!

Full Circle Vegetable Ring

Full Circle Vegetable Ring

Full Circle Glass Cleaner at Buxton Baby

Full Circle Glass Cleaner Base



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