Easy Raw Food Recipes: Inspiration for your Eyes!

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Easy Raw Food RecipesOur embrace of raw food has been so fulfilling, when something amazing like this hits the table I just have to grab a camera. How beautiful does it feel to put that inside you and have it fuel you?!

We are certainly not 100% raw but we are less intimiated by the idea of raw eating especially when we can put together easy raw recipes such as this filling assortment.

I just found this photo on a storage card and had to share it with you all. From memory the ingredients were cucumbers, capsicum, coriander, spinach, rocket, mushroom and radish. We garnished this with a nut topping we often add to salads which can be a mix of pepitas, sunflower seeds, almonds, sesame seeds; we pan fry the nuts at times sometimes using coconut oil.

Do you have a favourite buy cheap ultram salad ingredient? We eat salads beside most meals and we are always looking for new ideas!


Pippa: Director at Buxton Baby

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