Dyson Cool Fan Review AM06

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We have admired Dyson products for some years, valuing the quality and reliability of their vacuum products. We have owned both a barrel and a handstick vacuum both of which performed extremely well for us.¬† This year it was time for us to own a Dyson fan as well as being a Dyson fan ūüėõ We received the new Dyson Cool fan AM06 model for review.


Our Dyson Cool AM06 Desk Fan Review

An¬†upgrade to the air multiplying technology offered by the Dyson Cool fan makes a lot of sense to a young family. Removing the fear of injury by fast moving fan blades was an obvious benefit that we were very excited about when we received our parcel. We don’t have air conditioning, and instead have positioned our home and done what we could within our budget to encourage savvy thermal choices buy allegra in india to keep our home cool in warm weather. This makes a fan very important to us.

Get to know the Dyson Cool

I had no idea how much we would value the additional features of this an above and beyond the obvious air multiplying technology (not having fan blades). To start with,  something very valuable that we notice with the fan is that it is less annoying. Haha. With the gentle noise and without the constant rotation of blades, it provides peaceful cool which is ideal when settling a sleeping baby or finding 5 minutes of calm.

In addition the unit comes with a remote that attaches to the top of the fan with a magnet. Over Summer I kept that remote by my bedside. We would put the fan on as we went to sleep, and the gentle sound it made was perfect quite noise for us and we actually found that our co-sleeping family slept more gently with it on. We believe that previous models were rumoured to be offensively noisy; but this fan offers a very gentle auditory experience.

As the night cooled, I was able to use the remote to turn the fan down when next breastfeeding the baby in the early AM. The remote has 10 precise airflow settings, and can also turn the unit on or off as well as controlling the oscillation. It tilts too so that you can make sure positioning is perfect to reach everyone in the room. It also has a sleep timer that can switch the fan off auto-magically in from 15 minutes to 9 hours.

The fan is extremely easy to clean, without any safety grills or blades to take apart. This makes the product a great choice for our family who are very sensitive to dust and allergens, and at only 1.8kgs it is light and portable.

Dyson and the environment

Dyson are actually a very responsible business in terms of environment. They have an awareness of reducing consumables, and on efficient use of materials.

From a sustainability perspective, we would definitely love to see this being produced without use of virgin plastics. It is a direction we believe all major corporates should be investing in and exploring. Dyson have used recycled plastics in the past and we would be thrilled to see them do so again.

With our choice at this point not to use air conditioning, we believe that our environmental footprint in using the fan would still be considerably less than average and this would hold even more true if recycled plastics or some element of a bio product were being used in the body of the fan. Nevertheless as with all Dyson products, the fan is a high quality investment that will service your family for many years to come.

Did you know more importantly IMHO, that since February 2010, Dyson has a national end-of-life product recycling scheme! You can read more about the Dyson Environment policy here where you can also find more info on this and other cool stuff from the innovative team at Dyson.

Yours in cool comfort,

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store

*We have included mentions of our sponsors in this post which we are very transparent about, it is the right balance of energy to acknowledge and be acknowledged for our support of something awesome. Most of our sponsors we have proactively approached after loving what they do. Opinions are always our own xx You can read our full official statement on this type of thing on our policies page.

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