Collage Tree Craft

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Collage-Trees-Craft for Kids Coming into the school holidays I know that you and I might both be thinking of activities to enrich the day for our children. Sometimes I struggle to think of new things to do; so I thought I would share this collage tree craft idea with you for inspiration.

It sort of came into being after I sat down with my daughter (3) who loves ripping paper. I became inspired to craft with her and my son: supervision is mostly necessary in our house when glue in involved. Somehow my little girl can use up an entire glue stick in about 60 seconds flat without some guidance. Ok, even with some guidance.

We had some fun to start with by ripping up a bunch of paper – the great part is that you can use your left over Christmas wrapping, envelopes or other scraps for any sort of collage making and those various textures and prints create depth and character to your artworks. You can see that this time, it was simple coloured paper that we were using.

It was my daughter’s idea to make trees, as we were beginning to tear paper for a collage session, she tore a very long strip of brown and then guided us all to make our trunks. My son (5) loved this and immediately began making a full apple tree display. There were a lot more made than are pictured! My daughter went with this, and then off on her own tangent.

I sometimes find it hard when that happens, when the kids don’t seem to follow your ‘plan’ of what is being made. Funny thing was that she started us on trees – an idea that I loved! Then when she became immersed in something more abstract which is what I had planned on doing all along, I felt sad because I was enjoying the trees. I had an internal struggle with wanting her to make the trees she had started us on just because I was enjoying that. So I just went on enjoying that. We’re different people and don’t have to make ‘exact’ craft or craft for anyone else but our own enjoyment. I find that crafting is a great release from adult pressures. Of course my daughter went on enjoying her beautiful abstract, knowing that she was perfectly, entirely happy with her creation and happiness through craft was the point in the first place. Hope you know what I mean?!

If you had younger children, you could tear the trunks and glue them to paper to start them off; though really I think that this is an activity that would be enjoyed be all ages.

Until next time xx

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store




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