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Equal rights for all women: Homebirth Australia

I have decided today to publish a speech that I made at an electoral forum almost 2 years ago now. I was pregnant with my little girl who was born at home the following November of 2010. Today I share this with my readership and ask you to consider how you would feel if your […]

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Epidural: Real Risks and Concerns for Mother and Baby

The first recorded use of an epidural was in 1885, when New York neurologist J. Leonard Corning injected cocaine into the back of a patient suffering from “spinal weakness and seminal incontinence.”1 More than a century later, epidurals have become the most popular method of analgesia, or pain relief, in US birth rooms. In 2004, […]

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Pain in Labour: Your Hormones are Your Helpers

Imagine this. Your cat is pregnant, due to give birth around the same time as you are. You have your bags packed for hospital, and are awaiting the first signs of labour with excitement and a little nervousness. Meanwhile your cat has been hunting for an out-of-the way place — your socks drawer or laundry […]

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