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Lotus birth


I’m happy to share my experience of Lotus birthing with you all. I do so because I like people to have access to accounts of birthing practices that might differ from the most usual, and because I had good experiences with the practice. What is Lotus Birth? Lotus birthing is the practice of leaving the umbilical cord […]

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Placenta Encapsulation: Birth and Afterbirth


For thousands of years, midwives and traditional Chinese medicine practitioners have known the secret of the revitalizing medicine of the placenta. Many mothers worldwide have benefited from its revitalizing properties. More and more women in our culture are embracing proven wisdom of placental encapsulation remedies, and are rediscovering how these remedies can transform their postpartum […]

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Gentle Encouragement of Labour

Natural Induction of Labour

This is a controversial one so we thought we would address it head on and clarify some of the myths and misinformation that seems to be circulating about labour induction in the community. Our acupuncturists and massage therapists are often requested to provide ‘induction’ services for women who wish to go into labour.  Mostly these […]

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Birthing with Confidence – Savvy Choices for Normal Birth


Fertile Ground Health Group is proud to launch Rhea Dempsey‘s first book: “Birthing with Confidence – Savvy choices for normal birth“. Our family has been involved with Rhea for many years, in my years as a student midwife, to some extent in preparation for our first birth and then in birth debriefing after our home […]

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