How to Cancel Your Yellow and White Pages Delivery

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How to Cancel White Pages

In 2013 when most of us have a smart phone or device nearby, there isn’t a need for this publication any longer. Despite being FSC certified paper and a carbon neutral operation, it just doesn’t make sense to receive these books in age where they are mostly being used as doorsteps at best.

Just do it right now. Wait until you see how simple and easy this is to do.

If you do have unopened directories sitting about, please take the plastic off and drop that part in to your local supermarket plastic bag collection station. Then pop the paper book in your recycling bin.

How to cancel your Yellow and White Pages Delivery

Simply head over the Directory Select website where you can opt out for a 3 year period. This is currently the longest you can opt out on the basis that the opt out references your address and the assumption that we are all moving frequently. You willl need to keep your details there accurate so that they can remind you by email when it is time to opt out again. You can also call 1800 008 292 or email

One small change. Go do it.

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store





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  1. Julie September 20, 2013 at 4:00 am #

    Even though I will probably do this, I am also thinking about the people who will lose their jobs (one of them being my son) as Sensis are taking the graphics department overseas.

    While I never use the yellow or white pages myself, I do wish that there was some other way that the designers and editors could continue working at their jobs, here in Australia!

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