Byk Bike Review – Yes It’s the Best Kids Bike

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As a time poor parent I was intimidated by the need to research kids bicycles, but it seemed important and worth my time. After looking over my options one stood out, so when the team at Byk Bikes responded to my request to try their innovative, industry leading kids bikes, I jumped. The brand is pronounced ‘by – K’ as in by the letter K.

Our 8 year old boy was thrilled to have the amazing BYK E-510MTB and his bike riding took a great leap when he started riding it a few months ago. Now looking back I have every bit of confidence that the Byk bike is responsible for continuing and growing his love of cycling.

Best Kids Bike is Byk

It is no secret that I am very fussy about which brands I work with in a public space. Byk Bikes is everything we are proud to connect with; an Australian small business and a business that offer a great alternative to mass production and is producing a high quality, affordable product that is a leader in it’s field. Better quality, better function.

Byk Bikes are Australian owned and designed, with a focus on ease of use and safety that is ready to make your lives more fun this summer and all year round. The bikes look great, and my sons tells me they feel great to ride. My son says “it’s just easier, and I love it.” Warren Key who designed the Byk bike describes standard kids bikes as heavy and awkward; compared with his intelligent ergonomics and a child centred bike design that has been designed specifically around a children’s body weight distribution and ability. Warren talks about this in the video we have added below, including about the concept of lowering the core weight positioning of the bike to make it more stable.

These qualities of safety and design work together to make a Byk Bike not only different but better than any other kids bike brand. My son has recently completed his Bike Ed safety course at school and it was clear in this experience that the bike has put him ahead of his peers in terms of confidence. What strikes me when I watch him is the comfort and manoeuvrability he feels when riding the Byk bike. In tests to check his awareness ‘on the road’ he was more able to notice signs and test items held up by others than his classmates, it appeared he was not held back by instability of the bike itself. I believe that when the bike ride is natural and has ease, the child can move their mental focus to road safety and awareness of their surroundings.

There is little doubt in my mind that this light bike is easier for my child to ride and is a much better solution to help kids get riding earlier and with more confidence and safety than heavier standard bikes for kids. After months of use I am also very firmly convinced that the bike is high quality and will be long lasting. We won’t hesitate to choose Byk Bikes again for any of our other children, and are very comfortable to give them our stamp of approval to any parents researching bikes.

Watch Warren’s video and take a look at these bikes at your local store to see the benefits. You can use this store locator on the Byk website to get in touch.

Want to find out more online about Byk Bikes? Check out this fab video they have put together below.

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Earth Nest Eco Store





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