Busselton Jetty and Underwater Observatory, Western Australia

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Busselton Jetty and Underwater Observatory Western AustraliaIf you ever find yourself with wanderlust, consider heading to Busselton and the Busselton Jetty in the South-West region of Western Australia with your young family. For us it was a great decision. We were recently in Perth exploring but seeking a connection with nature and some peace. I grew up in WA and cradled fond Busselton memories so we decided to head there. I knew of the Busselton Jetty but just as a landmark, not as a destination.

I thought that perhaps my memory of beauty in Busselton was warped by childhood perspective. However we were not disappointed, returning with my husband and children was a treat.Busselton Jetty Interpretative Centre

We had the opportunity to visit the Busselton Jetty and we were interested with the prospect; people that we met from departure to destination were singing the praises of the town’s main attraction. We weren’t sure if it was hype. When you visit a destination and you are looking with a somewhat critical eye it is a shock when you come up trumps. Perhaps of course we are just grateful people looking at the world with rose coloured glasses. It did seem that everyone around us was having an equally delightful time of it both at Busselton Jetty and in Busselton itself. Hard to find something to complain about when you have the quiet of a soft, sandy beach at and under your feet and a new experience.


The heritage listed Busselton Jetty itself is a striking 1.8kms long and is the longest timber-piled jetty in the Southern Hemisphere. We would marvel at it as children and now fully restored I continue to marvel at it, though now for different reasons.

One of the striking things we noticed when visiting the Busselton Jetty attraction were the number of volunteers getting involved to offer other visitors the opportunity to honour this place and have an experience of everything it offers. Busselton Jetty is operated as a not for profit community organisation and profits contribute to jetty maintenance and improvements. Please take a moment with this in mind to like their Facebook page simply by clicking the like button below, and offer them support through sharing this post where you can. I would like to think that my children can revisit this place in adulthood just as I have.



Busselton Underwater Observatory We were taken away into an underwater marvel once we arrived at the far end of the Jetty. I was honestly completely shocked at how much life there was under the sea. It felt so close to shore and yet here was a colourful, active underwater life for our viewing. I have goosebumps just writing this in retrospect.Busselton UWO

It was a quick train ride and then you were there, it felt so accessible and simple but marvellous. Even the design inside was beautiful, I took that quick pic of the stairwell and that simple design beauty was pleasing to me.

The time we spent out there went by in the blink of an eye. There are multiple levels and each level has something different to offer. We were screaming out in delight, not just the children – us too! “Quick come down here, look at this!” I felt an overwhelming sense of surprise, wonder and just a WOW factor. One little fish took a liking to my girl and she was giggling as it followed her finger on the glass for a full few minutes. I couldn’t believe this existed and I felt compelled to share our images and experience and to send as much support as I could in their direction.

These are not stock photos or commercial shots, these are our actual photos and show you how easy it is for the average person to see colour and life beneath the sea at Busselton Jetty. It is well worth a visit for travellers and locals alike and I encourage you to get out there. Enjoy x

Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store

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