birthdays chooks and domestic bliss

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What a wonderful week! Earlier in the week we welcomed 6 additions to the family. These stunning Buff Sussex hens are settling in to their new home in our yard. Having built their ‘dome’ coop from scrap and located organic chook feed to supplement their permaculture diet, we felt greatly satisfied to see them finally arrive.

Our beautiful son celebrated his very first birthday, with an intimate gathering including most of the immediate family and closest friends. For a little man he sure seemed to understand that all the fuss was all about him. It was a joyous weekend.

The weather was fine enough that I was able to wear a newly sewn skirt, box-pleated in a favourite and gorgeous Amy Butler print (Lotus Morning Glory, Coral Colourway) with a co-ordinating yoke. I certainly did feel that after baking, sewing and feeding guests, I was enjoying a peaceful domestic bliss.

Blessings to all and may you share birthdays with loved ones, appreciate chooks and value domestic bliss.

XO Pip.

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    Keryn September 22, 2009 at 11:08 am #

    Pippa! I have just had a look at Buxton Baby and read your first blog and I must say that I am extremely impressed! How you find the time to be a full time Mum, Wife and now business woman is impressive. You’ve turned out to be Melbourne’s Martha Stewart! I look forward to reading many more blogs and who knows, maybe one day I will find a creative streak hiding in all of my day-to-day chaos. Keryn.x

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