Bionade Review: An Organic, Low sugar Soft Drink Hits Australia

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Soft drinks are not much my thing so I took my fair time considering this product: an organic, low sugar soft drink from Germany that has hit Australian store shelves. I stacked my fridge full of Bionade and handed one out to every visitor and dinner guest wanting to test a ‘special’ drink over the past 6-8 weeks. Soft drinks will just not be more than a special occasion thing for us and it is not usual for me to have my fridge stocked with them. Nevertheless it felt good to offer visitors a new something to try and very helpful to hear their thoughts.

Near every bottle I have given to guests, who have been friends or relatives that we trust to give us honest feedback – has been finished with a smile and a range of comments from “yes, tell them it’s good,” to a more considered “it has the complexity of a cider but isn’t – it’s refreshing and not too over the top.” Despite being corrected on the German pronounciation by a visiting German Au Pair  [it’s pronounced “Bee-oh-nah-deh”], I’m still calling this Buy-oh-nay-d: Bionade, mate. We feel it a good thing that Bionade have hit Australian shelves to offer a great organic, quality soft drink option.

Bionade is brewed like a beer but is a non-alcoholic, lightly carbonated soft drink with subtle flavours that would be both appealing to children and totally appropriate for adults. I didn’t let my children have any, but I’m very fussy like that with what they take into their little bodies. You have to laugh a little at the flavour choices because they are so unfamiliar for a soft drink: from ‘herbs’ to ‘elderberry’, ‘lychee’ and then ‘ginger and orange’. You can learn more about each flavour on the Bionade site but the flavours are legit. They are pleasant and not overpowering, so that you don’t get overwhelmed by your drink. Elderberry and Lychee have been the biggest hits in our review period: with Lychee being likened to more of a lemonade flavour/feel. In breaking news Bionade have also just released a new cola flavour just yesterday! This is really one to try.

Bionade Organic Soft Drink

These drinks are 40% less sugar than the average soft drink at around 16.5g/bottle, which still felt a lot to my palate which isn’t used to drinking much more than water and my green smoothie each day. However it is less than half of the likes of a bottle of cola and all of my soft drink-regular testers thought that the sugar level was just right. You don’t feel like you are missing anything nor do you feel like you are swigging back bulk standard cola with the sugar rush of a red cordial on steroids!

What Bionade has going for it

100% Certified organic raw materials and production
No added sugar
No colours, preservatives or artificial flavours
GMO free
Gluten free
Suitable for vegetarians and vegans

Bionade is a great option for quality cafes and restaurants to have available in the place of a traditional [toxic] soft drink and we would certainly consider it again if we needed to offer a soft-style-drink entertaining at home.

Find out more or buy a case by visiting Bionade on Facebook or their creative website where you’ll find full product info including individual ingredients lists.

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Pippa Buxton Director at Little Eco Nest Eco Store
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