Because anything purple, must be good.

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Oh! Feeling very insecure about putting a family meal out there into the blog-osphere. Sharing this across the social media waves so that everyone who is accessing BB anywhere can bask in the beauty of mother nature! No it is not vegan, vegetarian nor fresh raw food. but its purple. which is usually good :/ Yes – mother nature made it this way, all we did was boil and mash the purple sweet potato – and it tasted, well, rather much like any other sweet potato đŸ˜› Possibly better because I was -starving-.

This was our meal this evening; the whole week is turning out to be a tough one – tough but heading in a positive direction. Lately we have felt like not matter what, everything is getting us somewhere; even the off days. Great feeling once I get a moment of reflection.

Anyway this was one of those rare ‘easy’ meals for us (since DH loves to cook and always seems to include the whole supermarket of ingredients – when people ask me “How do [you] do it?” DH’s cooking makes a lot of difference!); organic sausages from the Macro range; [preservative free woo hoo!], organic bqq sauce, and lightly steamed veg from our local biodynamic/organic delivery service. Couldn’t believe how vibrant the sweet potato mash was, it has really brightened things today. Hope seeing this funny purple mash brightened your evening too.

Blessings x

Pippa: Director at Buxton Baby


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  1. Katie January 31, 2012 at 2:31 am #

    You should try Blue Congo potatoes! VERY interesting to say the least, M loves them, although it is a little suprising when it comes to nappy change time! Bright, Bright blue mash!! Locally grown here in Denmark, from a litlle old lady. 100% organic!

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